FAQ: 33 Videos with answers

@ioptio and @frabrunelle interviewed @dirvine here and asked him 33 Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ playlist:


Don’t forget a few appearances by Dude the collie who wants to go to vegas and make his fortunes getting in on the action.


video #2 in the series has a strange audio redundancy;
FAQ: Could non-storage based solutions be implemented on the SAFE Network?

Just to clarify, some of the questions were specific questions @nicklambert, @frabrunelle and I had… not so much frequently asked. But I guess it doesn’t make a difference to pretend they’re all FAQ. :slight_smile:


Hopefully everyone can understand David’s accent. @justine_mclevy and myself have plans to write transcripts for them all in time. Anyone wishing to help out with that is more than welcome :slight_smile:


I just checked and the file I sent to @Shona for this video doesn’t have the audio redundancy problem which starts at 1:33. Also, unlike other videos this one doesn’t have an overlay title at the beginning.

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Hmm that’s a strange one! I have deleted the video and will look into it.


What’s the best way to help out? It seems like only the uploader of the video can modify the transcript. I was thinking that there could have been a sort of pull request feature like on GitHub. But we could just send you transcript files that are formatted in the way described here: Tips for creating a transcript file - YouTube Help.


Yeah that would be great, we could maybe try it with one to start. I’ve never used the feature before so we should do a trial run incase YouTube has the same issues with the Scottish accent that Siri does!

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David is understandable
But Heee I can help with writing transcripts…
Should I just write them and send them to you?

I got a little distracted for a minute, though I’m back to watching;

these videos are great!

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Cant wait…My poor english.

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Great job everyone, making the FAQ videos. I’m sure it will become more relevant as more people learn about the SAFE Network.