SAFE Network Weekly Update Video

Hi all,
Following the feedback from @dugcampbell’s initial round up of the SAFE Network Dev Update in a video format, I have now also had a go!

Here is latest Dev Update summarised:

Very open to your feedback as we try and make these better each week :slight_smile:


Excellent, Sarah!!

I really like these and I think a lot of people will stay better informed by having them.


It’s hard to talk to a camera, but you’re doing great Sarah! I like it :slight_smile:

Keep going, just fix the audio because it’s too quiet…


Some feedback on the video:
There’s still quite some background noise to be heard. This is usually fixable relatively easily. Just record about 10 seconds of nothing but background noise. Open the audio file of the video in Audacity, and mark the part with only background noise. Then go to Effect>Noise Reduction and click on “Analyze noise profile”. Now, select the audio of the whole video. Again go to the same option, but now apply the actual noise reduction. You can tweak the sliders a little to have the minimal amount of noise while not corrupting your voice. This should make the video more comfortable to listen to, and especially remove the hard cut-offs that happened in this video where a title of a section was displayed.


The newest video: SAFE Network Weekly Summary - YouTube The focus isnt quite right on this one but we are working on it.


Fantastic work getting rid of the ehm’s from the last video. Makes a huge difference. :smiley: :clap:


great video:heart_eyes:

Yep yep! At around 3 minutes in I can see AND hear you relaxing. Owning that video like a boss. You’re starting to break into your new shoes.

Remember that we all love to hear from you. Just imagine us being there behind the camera making weird googly faces. Jumping in occasionally to put bunny ears behind your head. Anything to throw you off and keep the whole thing playful and informal.

Oh and it never hurts to take a swig of a nice brew to warm the blood and relax the mind. :beers:

In that case its probably best to do these videos towards the end of the work day. :yum: