Each marketer (knowledge man) in country like ada?

Cardano in my county have man that have technical knowledge about this project and he posting, discuting on facebook, translate news etc. My tip is this have effect for networking new people. But unfortunately he is paid. Anyway what do you think about this model.

Reminds me of a story about a little company called Tesla that apparently had no marketing budget…

Nice idea that products could sell themselves and a lot perhaps to be said for organic growth… but having represention that is sponsored might be worthwhile but then also sometimes focus objectives too might help land value.

Some other post today had me reflect that no one approach will work… we need all the ways to see the appeal of the product hook the users and the like of devs too.


Everything has its time. No point in any marketing effort until we have continuously running beta version of the network.


I remain hopeful that the fallacy of this will be revealed, and that my persistent endeavors over the years to advocate for the Safe Network in Bulgaria will culminate in an exceptionally rapid implementation of the network in my homeland, surpassing what might be considered a typical adoption rate.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


You are an inspiration to us all Dimitar.
It is indeed fortunate that so many urban housing units in .bg have a communal entrance and noticeboard.
Its kinda unusual to see that here.
Well done on leveraging this for a good purpose.

Do you ever get pushbackbon putting up your posters?


Its all in the content of the marketing. I can see benefit in certain kind of marketing now and I can see the benefit of “normal” marketing when we have continuous network.

What I see @Dimitar doing might make Bulgaria the highest rate of participation in the first 6 months and he is not presenting it as working next week.

But I also see that any major marketing needs to have something to back it up because people’s memories can be short and if nothing for them to see then they will ignore it in the future. @Dimitar though is doing awareness type meaning they are seeing it as a coming network and being reminded from time to time creating anticipation


Raising consciousness is important and @Dimitar is doing that well in Bulgaria.

Once we know we are set for launch, we should get zillions of stickers printed, just with the snowflake logo and the word SAFE. THen plaster them on every bus stop and lamppost.

How do you go about getting an emoji registered? Does the snowflake logo even look recognisable at emoji size?


Completely agree with that.