DevUpdate :safe: Transcript Monday 22/12/2014

Hi all!

Our weekly transcript. With the holidays close, some developers have deadlines and were not present. A few already had a well deserved holiday. We tried to occasionally already write a bit more context. Feel free ask what you want to know more about.

We had two community members, Francis and Daniel, join us too.

Find the transcript here: Transcript Monday Dev Update 22/12/2014



Much appreciated, as always!

The roadmap is not updated yet right? I see a few WIP objectives that, based on these transcripts, seem to be done? I could be mistaken of course.

I seem to recall that a few weeks ago David Irvine hoped to finish test net 2 before the new year, is that still looking good?


We will work towards a policy ‘when merged to master branch’ it is marked off the roadmap. By that definition no new items are marked off, today, but a few more days of tests might see that differ soon. Taking the current more relaxed criterium, account transfer has been finished, and so has routing_v2 for the majority (tests are being written). Drive_v2 is pending for an opportunity to be merged into next, and the NFS API design has been fully worked out.

If I was to summarize the state of Testnet 2 today then, excepting Public Messaging which has been delayed, all parts of Testnet 2 are in the finishing stage, but have to now be bolted together.

Will be make it by 31 dec? We’ll do our best ! :smile:


@BenMS Are we getting new devupdates anytime soon ? :blush:


wondering for an update as well… cant wait till we go testnet 3.


same here. and very much anticipating the impending safecoin paper :slight_smile: