DevUpdate :safe: Transcript Monday 15/12/14

Hi there!

Let me already already publish the transcript, as I got multiple request overnight for access. :slight_smile: Great to see your anticipation. To help link everything together, we mentioned the roadmap items as they are being worked on.

Hope this helps!


Find the transcript here: Monday 15/12/2014


I know I’m greedy but sometimes I wish these had maybe a bit more info

Like maybe a few sentences in each one or something.

But I know you guys are very busy…

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The quest for knowledge could never be too greedy :slight_smile: Though googling keywords from the tasks could invite tons of new information to grasp @whiteoutmashups

I’m sure it will all make sense around launch, when these things being made right now will be explained by the hands which typed them :sunny:


Dare I ask - how are the installers going? :wink:

I am hoping to get time to compile the latest code over my Christmas holidays, but I know the installers are being eagerly waited on.


@BenMS is the best person to answer although he is travelling home to Belgium this weekend. He is working remotely this coming week, but it would be helpful if he could post an update (cheers Ben!)


Organising Barcelona conference
Foundation and grants”

When is the Barcelona conference? I’d be happy to volunteer, I live somewhat close.

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It’s the Mobile World Congress @dominikz.


ah ok, well let me know if you need volunteers I am happy to lend a hand

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Thanks for the offer, we’ll let you know if we need anything.

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