DevUpdate :safe: Monday 30th March

Hi there!

So we’re mid-week of an intense week already. We have more developers working in the core libraries than ever before, in fact every developer is currently working in there right now. Every abled body is assigned to a single goal: reaching testnet 3. As most of you know by now, all the heat is in routing as it is the one place where everything ties together.

Some exciting highlights are the NFS API is moving into place, the work of making routing more independent of the underlying networking library, clean up efforts on all levels, and improvements in vaults (which include a minimal DHT implementation). Finally the routing client - which ties heavily with the NFS API and is what you would use as an end-user to connect and use the network - is also nearing completion.

Thanks for your on-going support! We’re really lucky to be working for such an awesome community.

Here is a link to Mondays weekly catchup, thanks again @justine_mclevy for writing it out! transcript DevUpdate 30th March 2015


Thank you for the update.


Thank you guys! Keep it up!

Testnet 3!!!

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