Transferring maidsafecoin

Hi i currently have some maidsafecoin stored in a counterwallet bitcoin address and after just buying some more i would like to store all of it on a new bitcoin address. How do i go about transferring the maidsafecoin from one bitcoin address to another? Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.

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I use Create a wallet, import the private key and you should be able send to the new bitcoin address from there.


Do you have your private key to the address holding your MAID.

If so then do as @upstate says and use omni wallet by importing your private key into omni-wallet and then send to your new address. You will need to have a little BTC at the address that is holding your MAID to pay the omni-protocol fees & BTC fees


In counterwallet go to “Address actions” and choose “Show Privatekey”

You can import your privatekey in Omniwallet

Don’t forget you omniwallet ID + enable 2 factor authentication

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


That worked great, thank you


I had some issues with omniwallet after enabling 2FA. For some reason my wallet got removed. I had to enter it again.