Bux-n-Jim-Announcements Thread. Wooo What Was That you said ;)

At the suggestion of @Josh we have a new Thread for discord announcement that @Bux or @JimCollinson make on discord.

If they repeat an announcement then feel free to include the copies here as well.

Not everyone is on discord and announcements can be lost in all the chitter chatter of discord.



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I mean, it’s hard to tell. I’ve played a few festivals in my time, but I don’t remember having so much grey hair back then.


Hmmm… to me it looks like an original that someone has edited with AI to make it look like a deep fake. :laughing:

@Jim, just to be clear, this is obviously a joke :wink:

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Bux announced:

When the tide rises, all boats rise

Over the next few months (and well beyond them), we will be investing in the marketing and promotion of the ‘Node Beta Program’, as well as Autonomi, its purpose and its partners.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, if you are currently building or exploring ways to create applications or experiences, independently or with others, then we would love to support you, by sharing our Discord with you.

Here, you will find (in increasing numbers) like minded folk, who may be willing to get involved with what you’re pursuing - without you having to start from zero, without you having to do it alone.

Community involvement, might be as simple as joining an allow list/using an offer or sharing feedback, but it could also be people actively participating, supporting, or maybe even becoming part of your team. It’s entirely up to them, and you, what you choose to do with Autonomi - we simply want you to benefit from it.

Next week, we will be adding the first wave of new channels for Builders and Creators - if you would like to be one of these channels (and to be part of the wider network news updates), please do take a couple of moments to fill out this rather lovely form:



I am going to get better at giving you guys in here the inside track - will post a decent update for you all Monday, ahead of pushing intention wider via video on socials.

The key for me is Discord doesn’t need to try and be a replication of the Forum (this is a super established and unique place, we don’t need and can’t recreate another). This is more about building ‘buzz’ and energy around the project for folks that don’t know (or care) about us yet.

Creating a place where people can access alpha projects and allow lists, news and opportunities, a place that houses artists, musicians, film makers, traders, developers, investors, should help the mission of bringing freedom, privacy and security to all. After all a gateway, a window, into what’s possible, is going to look even more appealing when there are many others on the journey too


That’s bloody brilliant! :rofl: I dont know how you do that, but it made me laugh out loud. Jim is becoming a bit of a celebrity! :muscle:


Feeling special like I should know the secret handshake, or something. :sunglasses:


Shhh, we’re not supposed to talk about that.


autononatti stuff :sunglasses:


News from the stage event (last Tuesday Scot TIme)

Heya @everyone, as most of you know during yesterday stage, we got to hear from the first 3 Autonomi Builders, @Siki, @jamsplayer and @Thunderboltkid . For those who weren’t able to make it here is a summary:

What is Cosmos?
Cosmos is a super app that enables people to easily and securely acquire properties to rent and buy. They also would like to build a micro ecommerce function for those who want to sell goods (an old tv for example). Cosmos want to build a decentralized, independent app, so we can’t be restricted or controlled by a single individual or organization. An app, that’s free from any form of corporate or government interference

Why build on Autonomi?
“We wanted to build on something like Solana but discovered that Solana, Eth, IPFS etc aren’t truly decentralized. We needed a truly decentralized solution that is localized and scalable as well as transaction free. We had a previous project that died off due to gas fees being too high, Africa works different to most other places in the world and cost to participate is a big factor.”

CloudProx TurboDataSafe
What is CloudProx TurboDataSafe
Cloudprox is a mini version of what is already in use in the big data centers. A really fast storage device (actually piece of software installed on linux) that allows you to store you own data locally and automatically starts running nodes/and storing data on Autonomi. Part of the user interface is browser based which you can aim at a select set of hardware or a really small storage system eg. raspberry pie 5. It also comes with a mini pop up store for retail services and/or products. An example of a use is to store a video locally as well as simultaneously on Autonomi so if something happens to the local copy it is easy to retrieve.

What’s the future vision, the dream for CloudProx TurboDataSafe?
“We want to make this available in a form that others can use to support other people and make projects easily accessible.”

What are you working on right now, what is the MVP of JAMS and what’s next?
MVP is going to be basic as you would expect (MVP and all that) - think early 2000s iTunes player. Shortly after being able to follow people, will implement artist discovery. Artists will be paid directly, no skimming off the top, you can listen for free but subscription money would go 100% to the artist.

What’s the future vision, the dream for JAMS?
Main goal is for artists to be paid fairly so they don’t have to worry about anything other than creation, everything else is taken care off as well as the creation a suite of tools. We were also looking at JAMStand, for artists to connect with fans and to help with royalty splits, copyrights etc (now looking at partner integrations as well here). Ultimately we want to put everything is in the hands of the artist.

Any corrections, questions or thoughts on the above can be made in their brand new channels in the “Autonomi Builders” section of the discord. Go say hi to them


@JimCollinson Stated today

That’s all coming for the Beta + Rewards launch first week in June.


In case anyone missed it (I didn’t know since I wasn’t in the stages, was sleeping). And @JimCollinson has been told in discord of the mistakes (150 instead of 175) and confusing wording with amounts.