Hello again. How's it going?

Hi all. It’s been some years since i’ve checked in.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers but I was working on a Governance system called Devolution (although I shortened it to DVO)

Long version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v83KDHyyNjg
Short version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqilf2TxIKc&t=1s

I did sometimes check the updates but couldn’t gauge the progress so i eventually lost interest and abandoned the project. I poked around with other platforms/technologies but ended up exhausting myself. However, I’m still interested in this type of thing, but If I am to have another go, I want to make sure that i’m not wasting time. So, how are things are progressing? Is it going to be possible to build this app in the near future?

Initially, all i really need to get started is the ability for users to easily install the app and create a public profile, with a publicly accessible folder that can be updated via an API.

There’s inevitably a huge amount of changes that i’ve missed - the name change being a big one. There was one thing that concerned me about the safenetwork (Autonomi), and that related to interoperability with other/existing platforms/technologies. Is it still the case that Autonomi is a closed network? I mean, would there be any way for someone to access a public folder on Autonomi from outside the network? I’m guessing not due to security reasons, but i thought i’d check.

I have limited internet access right now, but i’ll install Autonomi next week and check it out (assuming there’s something to check out).



Have a search for snhttp, its been created to allow browsing of sn by a regular browser.

Progect is still in good hands.



Hi Glenn, I’m sure most of us remember you, your idea and impressive demo so it’s good to see you still working on that and checking us out after such a gap. Five years!!! I can’t believe it’s that long.

To answer your questions:

  • confidence in the network is higher than it has ever been from a technical point of view, and with a clear path to launch now is the perfect time to come back IMO.
  • the fundamentals are unchanged but the path to launch is different and some things are still being kept under wraps (app and data storage partners in particular). Without knowing the details, the upshot is that apps, APIs have been pushed back a little in favour of the to be revealed partners, and I detect a few other shifts in the way Autonomi envisage the network getting to mass adoption, but I can’t say for sure what they are :man_shrugging:. Personally I’m continuing with the ideas I’ve pursued all along which can be summed up as build things that will both impress and be useful to as many as possible.
  • wrt external access, sn_httpd mentioned in the first reply shows that this can be done, and one way to do so. But there’s no reason any app, including regular web apps can’t connect directly to the network if the necessary back end is included (eg using WASM).
  • however, as mentioned, the API, docs, demo apps and support for developers is not there yet. Most of the API features are available, though some areas need tidying, rationalising and some gaps filling in. They are useable, as sn_httpd demonstrates, but require more work to understand and get to grips with. I’ve been doing this too and have a web publishing and viewing demo working that I’m eager to unleash as soon as a blocker bug in the network has been fixed. Fingers crossed that will be in the update next week, but I’ve not heard anything about it since reporting, so I’m not confident about that.

So you have time to get back up to speed and join the Autonomi train before it leaves the station!

And if you fancy publishing a static website on Autonomi, let me know. Anything will do, I want as many community contributions as possible so people have something to view when my demo comes out.


Thanks @bones and @happybeing - good to see you’re still committed :wink:

Thanks for the info. sn_httpd looks great. Regarding a static website, I don’t really do that stuff anymore. However, there was one I knocked up for the Solid project - Solid POD UI Not sure if it can be of any use. Here’s the files - GitHub - dvo/solid: A CSS framework for Solid PODs

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on the forum, and wait for some API docs :wink: