Bringing the virtual coffee

I have limited technical ability but want to help. I am slowly working my way through some of the resources to better understand the project in order to have more skills that might expand what I can do. I am passionate about helping expand the network and don’t want to just wait until my ability catches up with my motivation. I have some thoughts on doing some things that might be helpful, but I want to get some feedback from those of you that are more invested. Some thoughts:

I would like to help re-establish the now deleted wikipedia article, but I think others might be more capable of providing good information and I don’t want to duplicate efforts. Is anyone working on this? I am willing to help with the English article and if we get an English article, I will work on and pay for translations into other languages.


I’m not aware of anyone working on the Wikipedia entry, so that would be very helpful.

Translations also very helpful, but I’m not aware of the status. Maybe @nicklambert can give you something to do there?

Thanks for the offer @Fremtid. Regards translations, a few members of the community have spent a lot of time translating some of the system docs/wiki media content only for that content to change as the network implementation altered. My feeling is that we should wait until the implementation has settled down (which we are very close to) before moving forward with any more translations. The last major thing I see is to update how safecoin works which is currently under RFC.


Hi @Fremtid,

I am also interested in re-establishing the Wikipedia article. I would love to collaborate with you! I just created a #wikipedia text channel on Discord (a chat software). It would be great if you could join me there! You just need to use this link (no need to create an account).

Also, as I said in the discussion about the deletion of the MaidSafe article, I think it would be a good idea to call the article SAFE Network and focus on explaining the core features, how it works, etc.

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