A SAFE network page on wikipedia

Just wondering if there was anyone working on a SAFE network page on wikipedia as I couldn’t seem to find one.

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I assume you know about the issue with the MaidSafe Wikipedia page.

I don’t know about a SAFEnetwork page. It would be good to have one ready, maybe put it up once they’re are easy installers and the first apps?


There was a Maidsafe page that didn’t match the relevance criteria. SAFEnetwork won’t last as long as there is some serious buzz, but as @happybeing said, it’s never wrong to have something prepared.


Can’t remember where I read that, but @frabrunelle and someone else are already preparing a page for the safenetwork on wikipedia.


Yes, @Fremtid and I are planning to work on a SAFE Network article for Wikipedia.

Please join the #wikipedia channel on the SAFE Network Discord server if you would like to work with us :smiley:

You just need to use this link: Discord (no need to create an account).

As I said in the discussion about the deletion of the MaidSafe article, I think it would be a good idea to call the new article SAFE Network and focus on explaining the core features, how it works, etc.


I know of a guy that offers a wiki page creation service, he does good work but charges of course.

I’ve asked him to take a look at it for me and he says he think he could get it to stick but would need information from us for the infobox and the rest he can get fropm all the news sources and do a massive write up to make sure its verifiable.

Quote he gave me is $200.

I can ask him to make an account here and comment on this thread so we can question him if you all think that is a good idea? Maybe we can ask him if he would accept SAFE coins, who know he may even write an article about SAFE as I can see he does a bit of writing on tech topics and is a content strategist.

His portfolio:


Cross River Bank

My SmartPrice


It’d be great to have a Network first…

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Haha touche’

I know the feels.

But in a lateral kind of way, maybe that one wiki-page could attract a few more developers which speed the build up and hence a faster time to release but i unno :confused:

As we have most recently seen, too many cooks spoil the soup. I’d rather have the ones who were searching out this technology in the first place.

Also pertaining to the general advertisement of the Network, exactly how many fliers do you think Tim Burners-Lee put out while he was developing the WWW standard?

Not sure what you mean by this, are you implying SAFE does not need or require more developers?

TBL probably didn’t have a forum either. he certainly didn’t have Wikipedia. But you cant tell me the Internet was not advertised in the beginning. I remember being in grade school and all I heard and saw was “WWW” and “Internet this… 'internet that…” my family were early adopters and I remember getting it and still not having a clue what it even was, I just sat there in front of it trying to think of cool things to look for (that was before I figured out there was porn…)

Like the stage that we’re in right now.

Yeah that’s a good point, I’ll give you that one.

But still, no reason why not.

Take for example this.

Many things still in development that have wiki pages.

Like this too.

Fictional hoverboard used by the character Marty McFly in both Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III.

This is why the first link exists. Good find on the second.

It was part joke.

But there are plenty of firms out there trying to develop one and are ready to take our money for it.