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Has anyone else had the mesage “deposits and widrawls temporarily offline” on there maid wallet in Bittrex? For about 4 days?

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Usually when they resync their omni node. It is taking many days now. (8 days was the last time I think)

Put in a support ticket and ask.


I see the same thing, not really acceptable when they are the only game in town to trade maid…

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Wow, still Bittrex maid wallet is disabled. Half of their wallets are in maintenance it seems.

Imagine if there was pump that goes 100x and the price crashes back before the wallets are functional again…

Hope maid gets listed somewhere else soon, that’s just not acceptable!


Seems standard for crypto exchanges.

You, don’t have to shit on Bittrex just because you want Maid listed in other places, just say you want Maid listed in other places and be honest.

Trading works without wallets, you can trade on any profits. And there is also HitBTC you can trade on.

So you can sell your existing maid stalk without sending it to Bittrex?.?.?

If their wallet if closed you can’t really cut your losses and sell what you have or am I missing something?

You can send it to HitBTC.

Nah brother, I shit on Bittrex because their freaking wallet is down for 6 days.

Not listed anywhere else is an entire different problem!

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Go trade Maid on HitBTC. You seem to have been around when Maid was listed on Poloniex, you don’t remember maintenance on Polo?

Hitbtc has non existent volume, unless you want to dig deep into the price you are not selling much.

There is around 100k MAID within 2,4% price, how much you need to sell?

If you going to sell millions of MAID you have to accept making impact on the price.
HitBTC have above $1,5 million in daily volume.

Not selling anything right this moment, still not liking one exchange potentially messing possible profits. Not on the HitBtc, never traded that exchange. Was on pretty much only the big ones, miss the days when maid was on Binance!

Maid was never on Binance, which ones were you at?

Do you know how hard it was to find a large exchange, that supplied there own trading volume, no $100 000 listing fees and don’t steal peoples money? We should be very happy we have Bittrex after Poloniex fell.

your whining makes no sense.

Yeah I meant poloniex…

I’m done, think whatever you want!

Yeah sure, tell me if you find that passifier you lost.

I read your profile and scrolled which posts you make and the most common things for ages are “too low volume” “realy need other exchanges”. You are alot of BS, I’am glad I called the bluff you make. You are just trying to manipulate people with empty BS in a strange atempt to get Maid listed somewhere else. You are lucky because I will call you out in every comment you make in the future about BS low volume and such.

OP said 4 days at time of posting and 2 more days have passed so at least another 2 days, but it has been longer than the 8 days (remember 12+ days once) so could be many days still to wait. If anyone wants more precise info then raise a support ticket is all I can suggest.

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Reached out to support, it is still down. They do not have any ETA even from their end, they are just saying their devs are working on it.

We are getting close to that 12 days, 11 days and counting, hopefully they get it up and running soon!

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14 days and counting. This is starting to be pretty embarrassing for wallet maintenance.