BIP38 and Ominewallet

I used to create a paper wallet with BIP38 Encrypted Private Key (Password required). When attempting to import the private key into Omniwallet, I received this error message.

“Must be a valid Bitcoin private key”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Figured it out. The encrypted BIP38 private key needed to be decrypted into a format that Omniwallet would accept.


Hey guys, someone has the answer to this?

I had all my Safecoins in a Omniwallet address but I wasn’t sure about the safety so I send them to an encrypted paperwallet (BIP38) now I’m not sure if I lost them forever :disappointed_relieved: (although I can see my balance)

If not possible through Omniwallet can I import the private key to a Mycelliun wallet and then send them to Omniwallet?


When you want to move them you can import them into omniwallet directly, using your private key.

All you have to do is decrypt your BIP38 key to a regular key.

So, Omniwallet accepts natively encrypted paperwallets. I was scared it wasn’t the case. Thank You :blush:

Glad to know that, I wasn’t sure it was possible. Thanks :blush:

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What about multi-sig wallets? Will the omni-protocol ever support it?