About SOLID support for SAFE?

Hey Safe Community,

I’m currently doing an internship regarding Solid data-pods. My work consists of doing research on the combination of Solid and Blockchain (edited: in SAFE case distributed ledger), possible use-cases and make a proof-of-concept app.

I’ve gone through some past documentation, demo’s and talked to happybeing on this forum regarding this subject, but wanted to create a post to gather some more information and input. I’m not sure yet I will choose Safe to work with.

  • Are the API’s updated to work with Solid apps, if not, when , because I need to deliver a proof of concept in 6 weeks :s
  • Are there other people developing Solid related apps or support?

Other thoughts or input is always welcome :slight_smile:


Hello there @wannesds - that is one excellent internship, very nice.

I can’t answer about the APIs, I know the plan was to integrate with Solid but the development team is frying other fish at the moment, it’s rapid testnet iteration season.

So the team are flat out, but just to say someone from @maidsafe will get back to you when they have a moment. Thursdays are the traditional update day, so I’d imagine you’ll get word before the weekend. Throwing a tag in there too in case the message got lost in all the excitement.

@happybeing is the only person I’ve seen working on Solid integration, there could be others hiding away though.

Then the only other point, just in case, Safe is blockchainless. I don’t know if that changes its eligibility for your ‘Solid plus Blockchain’ project, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.


The current API of Safe Network does not really match your needs. If you could wait not 6 weeks but months, it could be in much better shape.

You can also check this developer fund : BambooGarden Fund


Thanks for the responses.

@JayBird Yeah I knew that prior to my post, just have to get more used to using the term distributed ledger instead of blockchain, I’m well aware of the differences ^^. but good that you pointed it out

@Mendrit Too bad I don’t have any time left to wait, and thanks for the Fund link, who knows it might come in handy.

Sadly enough I decided to make a proof-of-concept on Ethereum because of multiple reasons. But I will be keeping an eye on SAFE, since this internship is shifting my attention to more innovative decentralization technologies.
I’ll check out the updated API’s when they get released, since there’s a high possibility that I’ll continue working with Solid after my internship wether or not I get any job offers.


SAFE isn’t using a distributed ledger either now, but instead digital bearer certificates (DBC), at least it will in a couple testnets.