Recent progress

A few of my friends, who I often find myself preaching SAFE to, are interested in buying SafeCoin, but wanted to know something first.

They have been following a bit, but are worried about what has happened since August last year. I told them about revamping the huge codebase to get it cleaner and easier to developers to use for once the API is released but they want to know a bit more.

Could anyone in the community give me some good points as to what some of the recent advances have been? Since last August? I know some of the MaidSafe web pages have been redone since then.

Thanks a ton guys!

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  • rudp → rudp v2 (called Crux and headed for boost library)
  • routing → routing_v2 (in progress, takes security consensus and accumulator + signature checks into a more base layer, this is potentially a very large change though and may require rudp2)
  • Finalising the messaging services now
  • Addition of RESTful API for client applications to mimic the likes of Amazon S3 Google etc. to allow easy swap of apps from those to SAFE
  • Addition of App Launcher to provide a very high level interface in many languages
  • Port to Android / python / node.js / c#

Plus a load of analysis by us and local universities into security and efficiency (ongoing works with Strathclyde and Stirling Universities)




Thanks a ton!!