A Brief Preview of MaidSafe's Planned Expansion

Many of you who have been following our current funding round on BnkToTheFuture will have seen a significant increase in the amount raised. We’re delighted to give you an initial heads up on an upcoming exciting development. We have reached an investment agreement with a Hong Kong based company, but while we’re finalising the terms, we can provide only high level details. The agreement reflects a direct investment within MaidSafe UK, in addition to the formation of a joint venture, based in Hong Kong.

MaidSafe Asia (the working title for the joint venture) will benefit from the local market knowledge, trading licenses and established business relationships of MaidSafe’s new partner, while MaidSafe will provide network licenses, know how and technical support for customers using the SAFE Network. The location of MaidSafe Asia will be an excellent launch pad for the Chinese market with its 720 million internet users. Additionally, with around 50% Internet penetration, MaidSafe Asia will have a huge opportunity to reach the broader Asian region as it is one of the world’s most exciting areas for growth.

The focus of the joint venture will be to enable Chinese companies and projects to leapfrog traditional data centre models, and move to decentralised secure networking. Data protection and security from cyber attacks is obviously very appealing to businesses around the world, while a low cost infrastructure will provide increased profit margins.

We anticipate this will encourage existing application developers to engage deeply with the current API roll out and examples. Thus they will be able to exploit a much larger marketplace and possibly also engage with partners globally to adjust their offerings to various markets.

This deal reflects part of our global strategy to grow the company and the SAFE Network through a series of partnerships, and we see this push into the Asian market as a first step. In time, we plan for further ventures within areas like; Dubai, South Africa, South America as well as the UK, USA and Europe, with the local partners driving business adoption, which in turn will increase end user take up.

As you can imagine we have a lot of details to work through in the coming months and we will keep you updated with developments as we progress.


This is excellent news Nick! Thanks for sharing this with us. :slight_smile:


Great news @nicklambert

So to make things clear, this isn’t the recent $600K investment in BTTF?


It’s really good that you can share this with us! Thanks Nick!


Yes this is the investment in BF :slight_smile:


Really exciting stuff. Can’t wait to hear more about this in the future!


Don’t forget there’s MaidSafe Korea! Me and @aydenlee still make posts there. I’ll make a post about MaidSafe Asia! :smiley:

Great news, great idea, great country for this


Who’s going to create the “Pre @nicklambert Expansion Thread”?? The good news just keeps rolling in!


Sweeeeet finally a break for Maidsafe & co :kissing_heart:



Brilliant news! Great to see further recognition of maidsafe and the safe network. The investment itself is obviously rather handy too! :slight_smile:


Holy moley batman!


Serious, proper, grown-up stuff… more than expected at this stage. Excellent!

The excitement keeps on building!


Congratulations! I’m trying to get my head around how the relationship will work. With this setup, would a portion of profits from the joint venture ‘MaidSafe Asia’ be taken by the MaidSafe which is now raising funds by selling equity on bttf?

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Yes, we both profit from this relationship, we supply at a minimum technology and skills, they supply sales and marketing as well as customer support and signing up deals. Joint board members etc. so this is a part of MaidSafe and the first one like it.


May the Force be with you David Irvine!:slight_smile:


It is about time someone took MS seriously and ponied up some $. I hope they know how lucky they are to be one of the first to see the new future of the Intenet.:sunglasses:


YEEEEEEYYYY :smiley: very very very cool!
Awesome news!

Aaaaand since today I’m being paid to learn some more python! So the next crappychat might have some kind of GUI and maybe will be shipped with pre-compiled binaries instead of a cumbersome ruby-script (but no promises … calendar stil pretty stuffed and the python-thing is no main focus of my work…)


can’t wait to see how you will hijack Safe internals to send messages to new friends in Asia !


@nicklambert I dont see a reference to this recent partnership on the BNK forum… or am I missing it?


I think @happybeing posted the link to the forum, it’s about the third one from the top.

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