Will we see Lifestuff in testnet 3?

• Investigate and implement pluggable applications
this is in the testnet 3 roadmap on maidsafe.net
So I was curious if Lifestuff would be one of the apps that test users can tinker with once installers are up and going? Also isn’t there a Workstuff app? I hope I’m not bugging too much I am more giddy as each day passes to test this out. One more question! Where will installers be available once completed?


Inquiring minds want to know :smile:

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yes :slight_smile: All libs and apps will have installers starting now really. Ross is working on re-implementing the installers again. Testnet3 will see quite a few apps and examples


I want to hit “like” a million times!!! That’s very exciting! Buuuut what about my other question regarding WorkStuff? I’m interested because I see it as direct competition to what Facebook is doing and I want to make sure I wasn’t just imagining reading about or seeing something about WorkStuff (LifeStuff’s counterpart).
When installers come around I’m sure the details will be included that was prolly an impatient and silly question :stuck_out_tongue:

We have not done any work in workstuff yet, but when we have private shares it is a straight forward app for us to put out.


Neato! I thought it was great that there was an idea for a stand alone app similar to life stuff but dedicated to work. I think it will be very useful :smile: