Will the community be able to invest in maidsafe?

I know there is talk of VC investment for maidsafe but just wondering if this can be replaced by, or done in conjunction with community funding. With the recent price rise in maidsafecoin I’m sure there are more than a few people (myself included) who’d be interested in the idea.


Nothing is stopping you from creating something :wink:

Let’s hope there is good news on this front, I cannot remember the last time they did a high profile press release…Kaiser show seems years ago now.

This is interesting. Given the current market cap, it is possible that community fund will be more abundant and available given a good investment scheme as long as maidsafe team can work out the legal issue.

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I too would love to be shareholder David’s company!


I’d definitely be interested in participating in an equity crowdfund.

They could run it as another crowdsale, but then to get proper shares, investors would register their details & trade the tokens for shares within a set timeframe. This could give them the funds prior to doing all of the time consuming administration.

I’d actually PM’d Nick last week suggesting the same thing.

He said it was quite possible and they liked crowd-funding where it made sense.

Time will tell though. I think they are all very busy and not so strapped for cash that they need to rush any plans.

@nicklambert I hope you don’t mind me sharing your response, just trying to save you having to repeat it :slight_smile:

"Hey James,

Thanks for the message. We are looking at a number of different funding options right now. A few things recently have started us thinking more about crowd equity funding as opposed to taking institutional money. It allows us to share the success with you guys, but also helps MaidSafe remain more independent. I probably won’t come back to you straight away on this as there are a lot of moving parts at the moment, but I appreciate the suggestion and we will give this some serious thought.



And now it it certainly looks likely :slight_smile: