Will SAFE be able to do the kind of things Golem can do?

I know SAFE get’s compared to storage projects like Siacoin and Storj, and we all obviously know SAFE is going to be much more than that, but I’m just wondering if SAFE will have any capabilities to offer computer processing power like Golem and Iexec?


I believe that capability is supposed to be added after the SAFE Network is live. Searching the forum now for where that was stated.

@dirvine mentions “(and computation eventually)” in this blog post Data is the currency, literally! | Metaquestions


You might also want to check out this topic. In particular @Nigel’s post has some links to some informative materials:


I would just add that there is nothing to stop SAFENetwork apps from doing distributed compute in a similar way to Golem. That is, we don’t need to wait for maidsafe (or another team) to build it into the core network.

Coordinating input to clients can be done via SAFENetwork, with clients just guided to the source data address. Equally, they could output to a defined location on SAFENetwork. A mechanism to reward good compute could be worked out by the orchestration app, along with input/output locations, etc.

Building a more robust and generic engine into the core network would be desirable though and probably more robust/powerful, etc.


Great, thanks Sotros :slight_smile:

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