Will Maidsafe launch within the next 3 years?

Thanks for creating this topic.


Yes, with some breathing room.


I have confidence in @dirvine and his team. My only and mild concern is that in eagerness to achieve “launched”, some essential steps may be rushed or skipped entirely to the detriment of SAFE’s long-term success.

For example, I see neglect of recognition and discussion of the beta/testnet/validation phase necessity on the non-dev team side somewhat. To the credit of the developers, I’ve not seen them express this common misconception in software engineering. I’ve created SAFE launch criteria to help address my concern.

ATM, launch target feature set is not functionally complete on a public testnet. If it becomes so upon the next weekly update, it would IMHO be at least one year until mainnet and SAFEcoin.

I’m personally expecting the functionally complete testnet in the first quarter of 2021, putting the “1.0” launch out in the first quarter of 2022, 1.5 years from now and within your three year window.