SAFE Network 33% Completed? i think

maybe they will take 1 2years to complete full network… :confused: what your opinion?


I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs atm so I’ll play.

The old phrase here is it will be ready when it’s ready :wink:

It’s impossible to give you a guesstimate as any number of roadblocks could rear their head on the road forward and put the brakes on SAFE.

There is a roadmap that suggests we still have at least 2 more alphas before a beta network. Don’t assume the implementation of those ideas will be as easy as we all think, the ideas (data chains/vaults) have been proven but still need to be implemented in full (picture Michelangelo chipping away with a chisel at the statue of David).

Let’s say we have a perfect scenario where we bust through those alphas like Usain Bolt, every forum member here would then expect a massive amount of testing in beta as we implement safecoin and move to the live network. I think 6-12 months minimum just on this step alone all going well and no hiccups (fwiw I expect and am planning for hiccups).

So as you can see it’s gunna be a while @neeraj_kashyap, there are no shortcuts with this one, there can’t afford to be :wink:

If you want to feel better about the wait think about how smug you’ll feel when everyone else is discovering this network whilst your just sitting their quietly pondering what to do with your new found freedom/wealth :sunglasses:


yeah i am holding maidsafe and collecting maidsafecoin from my monthly saving… i am just guessing it will take 2 years apprx… :slight_smile:

Remember, Google Maps was in beta for years and years


I asked this question a while ago. The comments from the forum was they expected beta in 2018. Take your pick of 365 days


Yeah I saw that post, I think a lot of that is based on a realistic best case scenario. 6 months to knock off each of the remaining stages (18 months total) seems pretty fair :+1:

However my personal approach has been to plan for the extra delays (so anywhere up to twice as long as I actually think) so I don’t get antsy waiting.

Hey what’s the worst case scenario by taking the lesser desirable position on this? Well if I’m wrong, I’m doing backflips because I’m wrong and we’re all high fiving each other :sunglasses:

Seems like a good approach :wink:


Only my opinion but I think Alpha 3 is closer than we think. That’s positive thinking at work. Alpha 2 looks pretty good from the comments so far


I actually don’t disagree with you, my personal thought is we may see the odd attack vector exposed during beta that wasn’t planned for and it’s there we might have to step off the accelerator a bit.

Whilst it would be awesome to fire through beta i sort of secretly hope that any flaws are exposed at this time and not say as we’re transferring millions of Safecoin into the network :open_mouth:


I agree, my sense of it is that Alpha 3 will be a bit quicker than most expect, but Alpha 4 and Beta are anyone’s guess. 12-18 months seems like a reasonable shot-in-the-dark for the moment.

It’s not that long really. Time will feel like it passes quicker once we get to the more exciting stages from Alpha 4. And the drawn out testing periods will fly past when we’re excitedly playing with stuff like vaults and testsafecoin etc. Time flies when you’re having fun and it drags when you’re bored.

I think the waiting will get much easier once we get to Alpha 4. In fact, I’d say time will probably start to go much faster as soon as Decorum appears. We probably won’t be suffering in obscurity and twiddling our thumbs as much through the latter stages as we have been through the earlier ones.


Please correct me if I’m wrong. I thought Alpha 3 was half way before they decide to switch to Alpha 2? That’s why from A1->A2 took a year.


My gut says @neo will bop this one on the head shortly :wink:


About right

No the reason was implementation of complex modules needed to help secure the network data and node transactions. New technology takes time. Alpha 2 actually has a lot of alpha 3 running in the VM vaults Maidsafe are running. So alpha 3 is expanding on the “new tech” (datachains etc) which is why it will take a bit of time but no where near as long as it took to conceive of it and implement the 1st half of it.

I was already typing :slight_smile:


Your a gun :slight_smile: :+1:


To reach Alpha 2 it has been necessary to implement, last year, the following (only the most important):

.-Disjoin sectors (group)
.-Mutable data (mostly)
.-Safe Dom API

To Alpha 3 we need:

.-Datachain for groups
.-Improve Mutable data and API
.-UTP (which is very advanced)

To Alpha 4 we need:

.-Datachain for data
.-Possible refactoring and improvement

To Beta:

.-Security audit
.-Test, test and more test

We’ll see what happens but I think that we are beyond the 33% (unless Datachain become a pain in the ass)


Good summary, and let’s not forget alpha 1 (but I’m not going to try and summarise that).


A gun? He’s a mananimal!


Sorry, forget Node Ageing possibly in Test 4.

Edit: My bad. Alpha 4 not Test 4.


Test 4? Did I miss something? I understand you mean alpha 4, however it was included by Maidsafe as part of alpha 3:
We should include here API for mobile platform too

Talking in terms of time or % completed is useless however is pretty clear that the implementation process is full of unexpected tasks as, for instance, data chains or disjoint groups plus the testing phase associated to it.
This can and surely will happen over and over again giving an outside outlook of stagnation.
That is what we have, no criticize here really.
There is only one way to move forward faster and it is hiring more devs. Maidsafe is putting a lot of effort here as well. But currently insufficient.
Summarizing, we are far far away yet but we will arrive for sure (we are in good hands :sunglasses: )


but we are going down day by day in crypto market our rank is 27 hope we will come back. <3 … we have to do something for market value also… i am suggesting maidsafecoin to the indian friends :slight_smile:

I would say we gained a little bit. Few weeks back we were at 39-40 near to sia. IMO as we are still in development stage so rank 25 seems pretty fair. Just wait till the network goes live or at least we have something near completion to see an effect on rank.