When should we expect the first public release?

Compared to Bitcoin, In Github ,It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of commits/stars/forks so I’m not sure how active the developement of SAFE network is , at the moment.

Is there is any date we should expect to see a public release ?


There were several testnets already, including thousands of people that connected. Here’s more info:

Check this link to see what happened on GitHub over the last weeks. It’s quite amazing.


¿Compared to bitcoin…?

And I forget crates like Kademlia_routing_table, Safe_core, Self encription…


Are you looking at the MaidSafe github for all the libraries (crust routing vault core etc.) ? I think it’s probably one of the most active projects about right now. Not that I would measure a project on commits, if bitcoin was committing a lot then there would be an issue, it’s steady with a published and in use API. I Would expect bitcoin commit history to be very slow right now. Segwit etc. is happening and that is a big lump of work though


Honestly I only checked one of the projects (the launcher thing ) since I don’t know what the others are for

Watch the pre dev update thread @polpolrene is really good about throwing in important github commits and it’s very easy to see the progress


It’s also possible to see statistics about all the SAFE Network core libraries by looking at The SAFE Network Open Source Project on Open Hub :slight_smile:


Really interesting, looks like we are making up time since last Feb

starting with its first commit in February, 2015 ```

But we need to expand the dev team so that

 ```maintained by a very large development team ```

Becomes true ;-) Less superhuman and more time to breath would be good :smiley:

I have no affiliation with the team, but I’ve been following for a while. My best guess is you shouldn’t expect to see the complete, fully-developed network before Dec. But by then we will have significant improvement to the network compared to now. I expect safeCoin, persistent data to be finalized. I also expect the network will not be able to be brought down at that point. fingers crossed

hAHAHAH Was thinking the exact same team.

If anyone wants to teach me to do anything by all means.

Interesting no one has put their hand up to answer this.


I have no idea.

Maybe another year?

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Yay yet another speculation thread. End of 2018 given to previous delays and uncertainties. If not then I seriously doubt we’ll ever see a SAFE network

I find this interesting:

SAFE Network is written mostly in Rust.

Across all Rust projects on Open Hub, 24% all source code lines are comments.

This holds true for SAFE Network as well. It contains the same ratio of comment lines to code lines as the majority of Rust projects in Open Hub.

A high number of comments might indicate that the code is well-documented and organized, and could be a sign of a helpful and disciplined development team.

Not the fact that it is a disciplined development team, but that the ratio of 24% of comments seems to be a constant across Rust projects.
Is this the golden constant of rust? The rusty constant?

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Tuesday, definately Tuesday.

Just no saying which Tuesday…


public release

Depends on how you define this… There’s been some discussion to define minimum viable product (MVP), but download-able executable programs are all ready for you to play with. There will be several more test runs with more and more testers, but to get a fully functioning SAFE Network with live SafeCoins being exchanged for puts/gets and payments, we’re probably looking at least a year to reach that Beta.

It makes more sense (for several reasons) though to launch in steps, adding more and more functionality, which is obviously the path “we are” on, and makes it much harder to say, “OK this is the date we’ve launched”. A stripped down, stay live and updateable version of the SAFE Network will -my guess- be live by Sept.