What You Need to Know About the Sneakiest New Online Tracking Tool

This article is another one about those…

Following in the footsteps of @chadrickm

If you ask me the Maidsafe browser should come with JAVASCRIPT TURNED OFF, NOSCRIPT, DISCONNECT.ME, PRIVLY, GOOGLESHARING and whatever else anonymity tool.

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no javascript means no dynamic websites, taking us back to the stone age. What’s the alternative to javascript and is it really necessary to turn it off?

Yeah I know, there are possibly other solution that I can’t think of. Maybe this whole talk about a Maidsafe browser is wrong, why not just use Tor as Maidsafe browser with the plugins above. I’m secretly still hoping that the Torcoin will come out to stimulate people to putUp a Torbridge.

There is a solution. Use an old browser which doesn’t support HTML 5.

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Tor isn’t a browser and wouldn’t help in this case. Just develop a SAFEWeb Browser specifically to control for these sorts of situations.

Yeah this story about Tor’s bug to uncloak users isn’t good news. But they will fixit. Yeah maybe we should have a Safeweb browser specifically made to counter these ridiculous acts.

What I’m hoping more is that we see the big picture, our browser should have all the plugins I mention above by default. The browser should even leak Os info our whatever to these nosey people. Soon this fingerprint thing will be the norm on most sites.