Maidsafe Browser - Possible Chrome Extension - Passive Farming

I made a comment over in r/Maidsafe and a mod asked me to submit it to the forum for discussion.

There has been some talk on this forum about a Maidsafe browser, and I was wondering if it was ever considered to integrate a minimalist form of farming associated to browsing (Passive Farming)? So, the browser would even just set aside a small amount of memory (50MBs) or even something that is defined by the user, so they can serve the Maidsafe network, while not having to setup a farming rig. I also suggested even just creating a Chrome extension that would do this, which is mainly why I suggested 50MBs, because I think that is the app/extension limit in Chrome. I’d imagine people would be happy to come on board if they felt that at the very least they could contribute by installing a Chrome extension, and associating it with a safecoin wallet.

Let’s face it, people are lazy, if there was a chance they could contribute even in a small way (a link to the extension posted in a comment on reddit, could add thousands of people to the network in a day).

If there was a way for me to contribute to such a project, as long as the community felt it had merit, where would I start?


I don’t use chrome, I use Firefox, could a firefox extension be built?

This is all a great idea.

Now who knows how to build it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi David great idea.
Maybe you want to start by reading [these articles][1] about the Kryptokit extension suddenly dissapearing from Chrome browsers.

I agree I’m also lazy, I think that if this extension for (Passive Farming) doesn’t make me a few Safecoins a week, that I woulden’t even bother to install it. Some people got a lot of extensions so won’t it conflict with those? Would a lazy person even bother to paste their Safecoin wallet address or would they get a wallet just by installing the extension?

BTW I’m also using firefox, but a Chrome plugin would be better because it’s growing faster on the internet.

Maybe you could make an extension/app for the Maidsafe Browser (this is not an actual product yet).

Good luck with whatever you choose to do
[1]: CoinDesk: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto News and Price Data

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That mod would be me - so hi, and thanks for posting David.

I think there are some technical issues with browser plugins access to the local filesystem, but also think there must be ways to overcome those, in which case I think it is perfectly feasible.

There are some guys here working on plugins to extend Firefox etc so they can seamlessly browse SAFE, so maybe they can comment on feasibility (@frabrunelle @LeJacobRoy @erick)?

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The Firefox extension is being worked on, although we wait for more APIs and such.
It is feasible in many ways, as I discussed here.

Also, depending on the implementation of the SAFE librairies in the extension, the option of farming could be more or less easy to implement.
The importance of a small farming capability is real and it’s a good way to “have a foot in the door”.

@davidswords we will gladly accept your help!


You go, guys!

I’d love to use this!!


Passive Farming

I like the idea of adding this mechanism to the extension that @LeJacobRoy is building, not sure if it was already on the drawing board.

Passive Farmer…maybe a new definition for the ‘Glossary Project’ if the idea gets taken up, a valuable contributor like this, deserves it’s own recognition I’d reckon.


How exactly would “passive farming” work? I’m still a little fuzzy on that.

I think it means farming though a simple add-on, to a program that you already have installed, like chrome or Firefox,

Instead of through a whole new program, such as a SAFE client.

But I hope I will be corrected if I am wrong :slight_smile:

All farming seems to be very “passive” in my opinion though.

(Also, it seems to be the case that this type of “passive farming” through a little browser add-on has limited storage for farming, like the 50mb they said chrome limits their add-ons to)