Bitcoin pseudonymity actively trying to be pierced. We need MaidSafe

BitcoinTalk thread discusses discovery of a company that is actively connecting to bitcoin nodes to attempt to determine identity of people originating transactions. The true anonymity of Safecoin is rapidly becoming necessary.


Bitcoin devs say Tor provides reasonable protection against this particular snooping, but yes, what is needed is a better approach that MaidSafe aims to offer.

If those guys have hundreds of nodes, they could have thousands if need be.
At 5-10 bucks a month, that still wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive even for a for-profit company, let alone the government sociopaths, so I wouldn’t entirely dismiss the viability of the same snooping method against MaidSafe users.

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I was under the impression that the same snooping method would be impossible with Maidsafe. Is this impression correct?

Imagine that all nodes on the MaidSafe network are NSA’s nodes. You come online and join the MaidSafe network.
Could they find your IP address?

Of course that’s an improbable scenario, but it’s a matter of degree.

I can suggest to read this thread:

So, we all work for the NSA.

I want my paycheck.

One NSAcoin and free unlimited “DR backup” of all your data at the nearest NSA datacenter for everyone who joins!