What will you do with Maidsafe when it launches?

The first thing I’m going to do with Maidsafe is set up a 3TB farming node so that I can save up some SafeCoin to store my collection of Movies, Pictures, Music, and other large files. Then I will always have access to my files, even on my laptop!

Then I’m going to get to work creating apps for the network, discussing things with other users on Maidsafe, and using everything SAFE (as in network) that I can get my hands on!

I was just thinking of this and wanted to see what you all are going to use Maidsafe for. “What will you do with Maidsafe when it launches?”


Same thing with the farming, and perhaps have a group together by then, working on my idea for a decentralised social network :slight_smile:


I will attend the online launch party that I hope will be organized by our members and the maidsafe.net team :smile:


Setup a 4TB farming node.

After that I will start helping other people to install it and start farming. It will be mostly poor people like people who got to get food from the voedselbank. That’s a place where people with lowerincome can get food. I will check how that works out first… I think some Youtube instruction video’s will also help a lot.


I will setup a farming node, but quite a small one. I’m in a non-cable area in the UK, so no point investing too much in farming hardware for me.


I’m going to mirror the Freenet ROM repository I’m building on Maidsafe. I hope that the network is robust enough to support expanding the ROM repository a good deal, too.


+1 for Maidsafe launch party!

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+2 for launch party!

I think we may need to make a new topic!

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I’m all for that!

  1. Give away 10,000 SAFE Coins to friends and family.
  2. Farm; we have a dozen or so systems from pro servers to Raspberry Pi’s ready to go
  3. Launch MyHealthSAFE

I would love to be in Scotland for the launch (An estimate of when would be great so I can set travel plans). I have never been and I have some genealogy work I could do there.


Interesting You (@mranderson *edited) say you have some pro servers ready to go.

Isn’t the MaidSAFE Token payout system designed to not necessarily derank servers, but at least discourage their use? (This is just a general sense I’ve gotten from reading comments on this forum, not based on white paper quotes for ex.)

Oh and my username answers the OP’s original Q.

I’m going to farm enough coins to store my data then start trying to set up a SAFE access point backbone. Create a kind of local alternative ISP. I think there’s a need for it as there are place’s here (especially further out) that don’t get internet, or don’t get it well so setting up a SAFE mesh network could be an answer to that. Also at some point I’d like to start a Linux shop and I’m thinking setting up vaults on the display comps would be a good idea. You could even turn your shop into a public access point because users could come in and access their data using your display comps (whilst simutaneously demonstrating how your computers and various distros of Linux works).

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@gonefarmin I guess server quality hardware. We are going to go with the shotgun approach and see what sticks the best.

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Always a great approach!