What will come next?

Anyone know if there are any apps or tools that will be available to use with the MVP client soon?

Personally I really hope they would release a chat application, it would really open peoples eyes and actually make the network useful already. Imagine what many will think when they see a fully decentralized and privacy oriented network with the ability to chat with friends just as if it where a normal Skype client… Just that alone combined with Safecoins is enough meat on the bone to blow a few minds :slight_smile:


I’d like to see a version of Open Bazzar or an integration of OB on the Safe Network whereby the users are able to see all manner of things from Tea cups to awesome templates for sites that can be easily set up on the Safe Network, kinda like an outlet for SafePress.

I’d also like to see an app made available that will allow people to upload their current dynamic and static sites that are on the clear net to the Safe net with a couple of simple (simplicity is incredibly important) clicks. These would also regularly scan the site for changes and upload these changes (new posts, updates to plugins) on the fly.

There is an incredible amount of apps and tools that will be created for MVP when it is ready, so it’s a truly exciting time.


a crypto email would be great


Agreed. That needs to happen. They could also integrate a Skype/messaging system into it.

Can any of the devs jump in and let us know if any of this stuff is on the cards? It’s great to see people finally getting hyped over MAID and the potential of what the network can achieve.

How about a virtual casino like @dallyshalla 's SafeX where you could walk around to blackjack tables, poker rooms, kino, slots etc. And bet with safecoin. With low overhead it could surely give better odds and looser slots than anywhere else. :grin: I guess this probably belongs in “most wanted app” but, that thread is way too long


I think it’s a given that someone will be able to code a casino up, or is already working on one for Safe. I’d love to see it materialise.


It could be the biggest cassino on the world,
no taxes, no government…


I’d like to invest in that one if I could

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A casino would be a huge money maker for the developer who actually releases a decent one that people will want to use. Satoshi Dice for Safe.

I think once Safecoin goes live and the API is locked down the apps are going to explode…fast. I can’t wait.


And if any devs out there want some viral app ideas… http://tiny.cc/AppSitev2

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