Questions About Future API Features for Future Social Network App

I have been looking into creating a decentralized social media platform (seems like everyone is building these nowadays) and the SAFE network seems ideal for my needs but I would like to get a grasp around upcoming features. I have spent several hours going through all docs and reading the old C++ code and the newer Rust code and I understand a set of sprints is ongoing to release the dev bundles.

My concept: Simple, “live” Reddit clone with more permission control and safecoin incentivized posting. I am not sure the splits, but since the app’s wallet is provided safecoin on use (no matter how tiny) I figure it could be split up into some for the app, some for the moderator(s), some for the poster, and some for upvoted comments (I have a LOT of ideas here on splitting, but basically it’s a 100% sum game broken into parts). Before I start fleshing out more ideas (definitely not ready for impl yet of course), I have some questions about the future of MaidSafe:


  1. Is there any information on how per-app-access safecoin will be accumulated? I assume some kind of CPM model when you read something (i.e. do a GET) on behalf of the user?
  2. What would be the recommended way to authenticate for a iOS app? The separate-process app launcher won’t work there right? I see in the client examples an example to do login but end-user app developers will be discouraged from doing this, correct? Has there been any thought to using a PKI-intermediate approach to maybe allowing users to create “subaccounts” of themselves they could revoke but still retain access to their data? Or maybe some kind of OAuth-esque revokable token?
  3. The roadmap says “Cross Platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) desktop Installers”…does that include the LifeStuff like installers that are discussed coming in “testnet3” or is that a later bundle?
  4. I assume the messaging API referenced in dev bundle 3 (and demonstrated by the old LifeStuff demo) will support file (i.e. large blob) sharing or is that somewhere else on the roadmap?
  5. Can a “SafeNet” be run on a private network? I can see use cases for “public” (i.e. non-authenticated) data as a replacement for etcd/consul/zk. I assume there’s no reason why not.
  6. Will there be API’s for depositing safecoins into someone’s wallet from your own? I am guessing that apps won’t be able to leverage this on behalf of a user (or is explicit permission required each time)? So then is there such thing as running the app as “myself” (really my server identity) so I can send people safecoins?
  7. Will the app launcher support remote applications since it just uses TCP? A use case might be that I want to put an IMAP interface on top the messaging API but I don’t want end users to have to serve it locally to themselves. I know this violates the “serverless” mindset, but I can imagine people wanting to access always-on facades for their SAFE data…I dunno.

Sorry, just spitballing. Thanks for the time.