The Maidsafe MVP

Is it just me or did Maidsafe already release the MVP a couple of months ago?

The release a couple of months ago was a proof of concept with storage running from MaidSafe’s rented servers rather than from people’s own hard drives.

The MVP will be running from storage on people’s own computers, not on rented servers, and this will be released following a bit more tweaking of the basic foundations of the network and some community test networks.


One word of warning: The people who have no intrinsic interest in the product and who are hoping to hop onto the coin to ride a speculative wave are likely to be disappointed. That’s just my feeling about the situation and I can’t articulate a clear, logical justification.

Although I’ve bought some Maidsafecoin I’m not counting on it to make me rich.

I AM cautiously hopeful that SAFE network will be a world-changing tool.


One word of warning: devops

You will not be disappointed if you buy and hold. That’s all I have ever done since November 2014. Slowly adding and building to my holdings. I’ve gotten about 5 people to invest and told them to set it but forget it. :slight_smile:


Here’s the thing: As with Bitcoin, there could be a wave of Chinese speculators that will make the price spike and then slump as they lose interest.

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What happened a couple of months ago was that real life testing of some module(s) was needed to be done and some controlled testing of routing/vaults was also required.

So the dev team released the launcher for people to use and ran their own vaults on their servers. This allowed them to examine the results and do bug fixes and tailor some of the vault/routing code.

More recently the devs released the vault code for the more technically capable to test on their own computers to the temp network. That revealed some things that needed to be fixed and help drive the final developments of the vault.

At this stage there is talk of another vault test with improved installation procedures for a wider audience to test.

After that I guess we have to wait and see what results from that test. And maybe just maybe the next release will be a full MVP

And for a better “state of the SAFE” statement see this post

This comment by @dirvine from a couple off days ago answers the OP:

(Scroll down a couple of comments to see it. I don’t know why the forum software points to @polpolrene 's comment above it.)

The summary is:

For the folks wondering about releases we are moving towards Alpha and this will be the MVP. It will iterate though a few Alpha versions till we are happy to call it Beta. At Beta we will add messaging and test-safecoin. Then release and safecoin. I hope that describes the process we are following. MVP is a huge milestone and it’s around the corner as anyone can see and we can demonstrate. Just as soon as we squash this message processing issue we spotted this afternoon.

I’m reminded of a quote from a mass murderer, but, despite the unworthy source, it seems to paraphrase the words of the (rightly) esteemed @dirvine -

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

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How can I participate in the testing ? I have windows 7

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It depends on your technical level.

In general, though, you wait until a test is announced, then jump in, possibly screw up, and receive guidance from the other participants.

To bypass the issue of the requirement for manual port redirection in your router (at least until hole punching is working), as well as other advantages, it is worth considering renting the cheapest dedicated server at $5 or so a month.

Look out for the next Developer update on Tuesday evening (GMT) - we’re expecting another test network to be announced this week and that is quite likely when it will happen.

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Lots of support on this forum. Watch for Dev Update Tuesday no real tech experience needed, pretty basic stuff. If you want to get a jump on things view the previous Dev Updates to see how this will unfold.

Unfortunately on their website there is no introduction to testing. They are focussed to get the alpha out. The instruction to testing is spread over the latest dev updates. If you take your time and follow them along (probably the last 4-5 ones) you´ll do fine.

The problem is that such a guide would soon be obsolete or require frequent major revision, and so it doesn’t get done. I keep personal notes myself but they are already somewhat obsolete.

With the MVP I imagine that things will stabilize enough to put a guide up, probably several.pitched to different audiences.

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Sorry, I probably missed it, but what is your point? Wrong thread maybe?

In this thread you mentioned a guide. I wasn’t referring to your crowdsale.

My point was to offer an explanation for the absence of a comprehensive or official guide, as distinct from scattered information, to setup and testing of vaults.

There is no guide because anyone volunteered to do so. Easy as that. The process to set up a vault didn´t change substantially since day one of testing, or what obsolenceses do you refer to?

instructions for current network are here. You will want to install both the launcher and the demo app.

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You mean because no-one volunteered to do so. OK, I wasn’t questioning that, I was offering an explanation for it.

As a tester, I know the process of testing the vaults has undergone considerable revision.

(and I prove this with cryptographic signing with my encoder ring as witnessed by respected authorities)