What UI frameworks will be available for creating apps on the MaidSafe network?

I am not certain if this has been addressed as of yet but I am wondering what frameworks will be compatible with the MaidSafe network. I realize a lot of client/server functions currently used are going to be rendered obsolete,(which appears to make a MaidSafe browser being a must have!) so I was wondering if web apps currently coded in languages such as HTML5 would be able to be used as a UI base for MaidSafe apps. I understand that Qt and C++ style native apps should not be an issue, but a lot of web based technology seems to be constructed around different rules for the existing network. Also, does anyone know if platforms for game developers such as Unity or Unreal would be able to make use of the MaidSafe network/API?

Thank You!

Unity/Unreal is written in C++, so those would just use the C++ API. If they were using another language that calls into C++, then a binding for that language would have to be done for SAFE. @Viv would know the language bindings the team hopes to offer.

Theres been talks of SAFE + Javascript, so pure HTML5 is a possibility (similar to webtorrent). I think the better approach is incorporation into the browser directly through a plugin. The user provides the browser the password to unlock the account, and the browser then does the work of the launcher, and provides the decryption keys and write authorization for the specified folder (which can be unique per app). A browser extension is far from being even started, but some of the team members (Viv again I believe) has been talking to Firefox developers for this possibility.


MaidSafe-Ports right now interfaces the MaidSAFE backend with javascript (nodejs), python, csharp, java android and C. Wiki link is provided there too. Work on interfacing iOS is planned but not yet started. Hope this helps.


We have been recently working with browser extension development for supporting the browser to render content from the SAFE Network. We have integrated an POC for browser ADD-ON in Firefox. We are planning to expand to other browser platforms too, but we are still in an early stage with the extension development for browsers.


Great information everyone. Thank you so much!