Creating a simple application


I want to develop an application on MaidSafe. My goal is to build a backend service if its possible. I spent some time on documentations (on Github ) and I wasn’t able to understand where to start, what to use. Is there any walkthrough guide for this?

I can use c++ or something else if you think its better.

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Oh yeah! The apps are coming :smiley:

I’m sure someone helpful will be along soon, to help you get started :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! SAFE will use an App Launcher, it’s not clear what you’ll need to program Apps for that, no usable code available on that front so far, that is not for public use as far as I know. Here’s a preview.

Another option is to use whatever language you want to build a program for Linux or Windows that uses the API. Is that what you’re talking about? So far there’s no global network yet, although it is possible to run your own local Vaults. In the coming weeks we’ll see the start of a global network and the public debut of the App Launcher/Client. That should make things more easy to work with.

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Thanks a lot,

I was checking Ethereum project and their documentation is also not complete. I want to build a sensor free, decentralised web service for a community project. My front-end is IOS at the moment.

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What do you mean by a backend service? Can you elaborate a bit as to what you are providing, what it will talk to and how, then I can try to comment. And welcome! :slight_smile:

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My service will provide this functionality :

  • PostImage( tags, binary data of image )
  • SearchImages( tags )
  • GetImage( id or whatever )

…Any info?

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This doesn’t give me the kind of information I was asking for. What you’ve said doesn’t explain the function adequately for me to understand, but I was also asking for you to explain what you are building and what it will talk to - and to give some insight into the data flows between these. Then I might be able to respond to your OP.

@anon81773980 that’s a tall order my friend. Seriously, I’ve spent the little free time I have available perusing through and have found some dense threads. Sifting them for all available relevant information can be exhausting for a new comer even with the search feature. Could just be that I suck at data aggregation. :grin: I’ll try to aggregate some to help you along.

Here’s is the little I found to be potentially useful: - Study the client. My guess would be to find a way to hook into the client then use the clients’ method of communicating with the network. Your app from my rudimentary understanding will be a sort of sub client - Without understanding the encryption flow an image host with uploading capabilities will be difficult to realize. Of course that assumes that a high level API that allows you to use simple pointers won’t be available at launch. Early starters like yourself will have to tinker a lot to get up and running.

You’ve probably read through these already. I thought I’d put them here just in case.

Please share what you find. Your progress in this matter could be a boon for the community and all future users alike. More diversity in apps at launch, the greater the likelihood of mainstream adoption.

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@anon81773980 thanks. But no i don’t think that will work.

@Tonda thanks. For now i will forget safenetwork until they have a proper developer api documentation that i can invest my time and resources.

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Aww, that’s too bad. Your help would be really useful. I hope you check back regularly. If all goes well, SAFE should be live by the beginning of next year. Developer API documentation should be around a month or so before. Looking forward to your future work. Peace!

Indeed, but if you want us to answer your questions you need to help us understand those questions. The advantage for a developer in being in early is obvious, the drawback is that its harder to find out how to do things and to do them. Anyway, there is a knowledgeable community here to help if you do have specific questions at some point. Good luck with your app.

I am quoting :

I want to develop an application on MaidSafe. My goal is to build a backend service if its possible
I can use c++ or something else if you think its better.
My service will provide this functionality :

PostImage( tags, binary data of image )
SearchImages( tags )
GetImage( id or whatever )

Thanks to other answers, now i know there is no documentation or samples to talk about it. Its too early. Which is perfectly understandable and i have A) total respect to effort B) ambition to follow and invest in the future.


@happybeing ,

I don’t know how i can help you! Do you want my bank account details too? Passwords to my emails? What do you want! If you have something (which i am highly doubted) shoot it. My question and everything to support it is extremely clear. Otherwise please stop trolling it.

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Trolling indeed :smile: . I’m trying to understand what your application is so I can determine if I can point you to example code or documentation, or answer you directly. If you think you have provided enough for me to try and help you, then you are mistaken. I suggest we either leave it there, or if you’re willing to take my queries seriously I’ll be happy to try and help.

The area I don’t understand is what you mean by a service. To what? The old web? In what ways do you anticipate interfacing with SAFE network? What are you anticipating in terms of architecture etc.? I would guess you don’t know enough to realise that this is an issue because of the nature of SAFE - its not like writing an existing web app or service. So without knowing your aims and what you have in mind it is very difficult for me to comment, so you will need to be forthcoming if you want that kind of help. If you want just to sit down a read docs, well there are places that have been suggested, but as you’ve learned the info is at an early stage and perhaps not what you’re looking for.


I guess it’s the entry point you seek:

If you don’t know rust, all exported module and method begin with “pub”. That’s the function you can access. Like that ones

pub fn create_account(keyword: String, pin: String, password: String) → Result<Client, ::errors::ClientError> { … }

pub fn log_in(keyword: String, pin: String, password: String) → Result<Client, ::errors::ClientError> { … }

By default rust export with it’s one mecanism but the C export can be used. Last time I looked the C++ one is not supported yet but should be in the future. You should refer to the rust doc to know how to link to them. It can work with C++ because it support C export.

Hope that help or else I can’t tell more. My knowledge can’t go farther than that.

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@alinakipoglu May I suggest you consider working as a developer for the maidsafe project itself via the bounty program. You seem very interested in the technical development of the program and helping the development would speed things along as well as further your own education in the project. I’m assuming of course you have the nessesary coding skills.


Yes, I think this is a perfectly reasonable request, and is simply an observation that if people cannot understand what exactly it is that you want to do, it is very difficult for people to answer them. I don’t think he was trying to speak for everyone here.

Seriously, I think you’re overreacting to the whole thing. Everybody has their own way of communicating, and as far as I can tell, @happybeing tries to a) find information as to what the parameters are, b) reply with information as to how those parameters might be satisfied.

It wasn’t clear to me what your parameters were, and with the small amount of information you provided, one can only guess as to the correct approach. Go on any linux forum and ask a question like that, and you’ll get the exact same response. “More information, please. We don’t know what you want to do.” (And in the linux forums I’ve been in, often enough a lot more rude than you received here.)

Further, I can see from your replies that English is not your first language. I’m sympathetic to this, as my wife is Japanese and also struggles to get her point across clearly at time, but it is also true that when one is not perfectly fluent, one does not always make complete sense. I think that you need to understand that not everybody is going to just ‘know’ what you mean.

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If someone one day tries to understand where to start development on this platform probably will try something similar. Will ask where to start for a simple application. At that point its doesn’t really matter the whole systems design, general aims, etc. Its just a bootstrapping point you need. You download things, build it, then if there is docs read it if there is no docs check headers etc etc. I provided more than that. And giving that information shouldn’t be this much difficult. Also he/she maybe asking where to start but thats doesn’t mean he/she is a just a newbie that doesn’t even know how to ask a question or which question is correct for him. I think every question has an answer. I got many of them in this thread. Except the ones that i find just steeled my time and asked more for above needs.

Yes, the answer you got was “At the moment there is no easy API answer, you’ll have to wait” (paraphrasing). I think, though, that @happybeing probably could have given you a pretty good guess as to how to structure your app, so you could at least have an idea of how to build it.

Of course it is. It doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea though :smile:

Well, looking at @happybeing 's request for info:

I can only guess at this, but I think he was meaning “Are you trying to build a web service that will be hosted on the current WWW, or are you trying to build something else that will be entirely on SAFE?”. Because those are two different things. I really believe that he was sincerely trying to help you.

Anyway, I hope you keep an open mind to @happybeing. Good luck with what you’re trying to do, I hope you succeed.

:slight_smile: I didn’t think it was a war. I was just giving my opinion, and hoping that @alinakipoglu would see some sense.
I’m a programmer myself, and, assuming @alinakipoglu wanted to build a simple non-SAFE web application, then his question becomes quite straight-forward. But I think what @happybeing was getting at, was whether it was going to be a backend for a standard web service, or a backend for a SAFE app.

Yes, this, and why I don’t think people should call each other trolls for no good reason.


I personally would start here: safe_firefox_addon/proto_handler.js at master · maidsafe-archive/safe_firefox_addon · GitHub

That’s the firefox addon which communicates with the Rust binary.

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