Safe_client_libs and use in Rust (native)

I’m evaluating SAFE for the startup I work for, and I’m pleased to see that the majority of SAFE Network is written in Rust (the only language I use these days except for “glue” langs).

I’m still trying to find my way around the codebase however… Is there a quick-list of what each repository in the Maidsafe git group is, and is for?

It looks to me like the “safe_client_libs” are written with the goal of FFI only - and to me this is a problem since I would prefer to use the libraries within Rust first and foremost - so the libraries would make much more sense being written wholly as safe idiomatic Rust, and then wrapped for the FFI part.

If I choose to write all my apps in Rust, I then have to faff about with unsafe Rust to use a Rust library when that should be unneeded.

Am I missing something here?


Hi @Luke_Jones and welcome to the forum! You might find the answer on the developer-specific Safedev Forum. If not then someone in the know will show up here in due course.

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Thanks, I will ask there also, but haven’t been able to sign-in since I never get an activation email.

You don’t get an activation email. You have to be basic level \ trust level 1 on this forum (just read some articles for an hour or so) then you’ll be able to go to to claim a token. This is a spam prevention measure while the network is in development.

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