What poignant or slightly derogatory (tongue-in-cheek) term should we use for "the internet"?

Looking forward to a few years A.S. (After SAFE) I could see the colloquial household term for “The SAFE Network”, be simply referred to as “the safenet” much in the same way that people today refer to browsing “the internet”. On the forums one often comes across various names used to describe the current internet or www in a post SAFE paradigm such as “oldnet”, “clearnet”, or simply retaining the term “internet”. Personally, I don’t like the most often used term, clearnet. I understand the technical reason for this term for the old regime, but “being all clear” is often synonymous with being “safe”, while at the same time it evokes a notion in the uninitiated that there might be something “unclear” about SAFE beyond data obfuscation. Labelling SAFE as the “internet 3.0”, or “the new internet” vs. “the old internet” doesn’t really provide much description to a layperson. Is there a poignant or slightly derogatory term we could get consensus on and start using now that let’s us belittle and poke fun at how insecure or poorly designed the current internet / world wide web is? :blush: Is this too low brow, or would it serve to make a point amongst those in the crypto community? Would this be counter productive since SAFE also relies on a TCP/UDP foundation? Please discuss any “other” ideas or thoughts on the matter in the thread below.

  • clearnet
  • deadnet
  • fathernet
  • mothernet
  • legacynet
  • oldnet
  • slumnet
  • smothernet
  • snoopnet
  • spynet
  • other

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I feel like the concept of a derogatory term is counterproductive.

Our goal shouldn’t be to explain why the internet is a bad medium for storage and communication, it should instead be to explain why SAFE is a better option. I’m wary of the hubris we’re displaying here with this conversation - even assuming SAFE wins (whatever that means in this context), HTTP as it stands is very unlikely to “go away” and people will continue to use it for years to come.

We should focus less on our outwards concerns and more on our own development and improvements. :slight_smile:


I get that it is tongue-in-cheek and I vote for merging fathernet and deadnet into… dadnet.


I get where the OP is coming from. It’s fighting fire with fire and in a dog eat dog world we often feel that is what we have to do to get by but I think ultimately @shane is right. We could expend our energy thinking of how to tear down others around us to get to the top OR we could focus on making ourselves better, eventually others see your progress and are naturally drawn to you.

That’s not to say we can’t point out our improvements over other alternatives but try to not be overtly braggadocious, we are but a humble community, all vying for privacy, security, and freedom :hugs:


I don’t think your point was to come up with a derogatory term, and so I don’t think this little tongue-in-the-cheek playing with words and imagining the future is anything to have any concerns about.

You seem to have been unlucky in choosing the words…

I think what you wanted to say was like What would be the most descriptive and catchy word of current internet?

I can’t really see why that would be a bad thing to ask or think about.
And additionally, I don’t think people would have reacted like above with that line, and you could still have gotten to play around with words and thoughts, to no harm or detriment to anyone (not saying there were any now, but some seem to have gotten the impression that you were off on that road).


I fully understand and admire the “take the high road” and follow the golden rule approach. That’s why I said slightly derogatory. Personally, I prefer “oldnet” since it would be descriptive and not too low brow. Again, this is about envisioning the future and I figured this would be a fun topic after the ultra-hype bubble we’ve gone through in the crypto-world lately. Consider all the noise made by other projects regarding “decentralization”, “data storage”, “anonymity”, with nothing more than a whitepaper. I think it is fair to go on the attack a little bit. This is the marketing channel and was more a question to the forum users or to give some fire for fanboys to throw at the trolls, no one expects any devs to waste time on this. Cheers.

I mean, just re-labelling the world around as we move forward - that is like super natural thing to do.

It comes kind of natural that we would try to find something that explains how we feel about the old internet (it is old? it is unsafe?) when we get a new internet that clearly everyone here thinks is better.

The only thing that actually made it sound a little bit strange was that it seemed like we should aim to make it derogatory.
I just read it as you were saying it straight as it is (or how you see it): it would in effect be derogatory since we all think it is not as good as it should be, and we believe safenet will be much better.

But maybe I got you wrong, maybe you wanted something to throw at others :slight_smile:

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I see, I think I slightly mistook the OP. I often use the “Legacy Internet” not derogatorily of course but to describe that it is in fact older and becoming outdated in ways. There is a new way coming that will benefit everyone etc.

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Yes, I suppose the subtle tongue-in-cheek humor didn’t quite shine through in the text. This was intended to be a fun exercise. I’ll use more emoji’s next time. Although, I could also see a marketing gimmick where people are being interviewed and are given a similar question to that of the OP. Maybe they are asked about how they feel leaving the oldnet and then the person uses some fun pet name for the oldnet in a belittling way. They give their answers and then start talking about how much better SAFE is. It’s marketing after all, humans are fickle, different audiences respond in different ways.

Clearnet is currently leading… I added it in the poll just for spite. Why is this really a favorite? The whole point of the OP was to point out the fact that that while the often used “clearnet” vs. “darknet” moniker may be technologically accurate, it is not a good marketing verbage with which to contrast “the safenet”. Someone please explain to me why this is a favorite because clearly I must be missing something…

You can edit your title you know.

I’d say that is what people have been calling it here for quite a long time now. So it has sort of stuck.

The polite term would be the clearnet. The less polite term comrade would be the Authority, or something similar. I’m thinking of the reference to “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” We are essentially assembling “Mike” here. :smile:


Yapp - I’m using clearnet when I want to stress the difference… Because ‘everybody’ know what is meant by it and it doesn’t imply any sentiment

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In the spirit of the OP - the cobweb

SAFE perhaps would be thought of simply as the secure web; and the failings of the current internet would be more apparent, casting it as old and dirty.


Thats pretty amusing. Because of course dads are old and just can’t do it like they used to, and aren’t up with the latest new stuff.

DarpaNet might do the job. (I know it was originally ARPA. but people know it as DARPA now and its more sinister than it was then)

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I think oldnet is good. It isn’t necessarily derogatory. It’s simply what we (hopefully one day) used to use.