What is wisdom, when you promote Maidsafe to strangers?

What Wisdom?

I ask this question because there are a lot of like minded people out there. See redecentralize.org for a few. And I wonder should I just email these people and tell them about Maidsafe, because what they are working on projects, that could run very smooth on the network. Yeah I do realize @ this stage, that it might be to early to send a email and let them know about it. They might become “OVEREXITED” like me and bite their nails 24/7 in anticipation of Maidsafe. I’m all for promotion, but…

My Maidsafe on kickstarter fiasco

What is not a good way to promote Maidsafe, is starting a Maidsafe project on kickstarter without informing the community, like I did. This has been talked about before by others, Maidsafe could also be promoted, by hardware creators kickstarting a project specifically designed for the network. With bitesize projects we could quietly promote the network to a broader audience.

Feedback from the Maidsafe on kickstarter fiasco

Allthough the kickstarter was canceled, because it was basically “A BAD JOKE” maybe it’s important that I give some stats. So that we have a very small peek into what was happening, in just a few days.

  • Project video plays 144, 17.36% of plays completed (Maybe @russell is right that we should take a different approach with the Maidsafe video, I don’t know)
  • 2 Pledges, 1 canceled his pledge
  • MESSAGES, I got 6 messages, 1 dude was real cool he knew about Maidsafe he is also donated. I’ve send 3 people a message to checkout/join Maidsafe.org. I’ll let you, let your imagination work why I didn’t send the other 3 a message to join Maidsafe. Today I send a message to 1 of them, if he wants to become an appbuilder for Maidsafe? He is a web/java programmer.

I have to thank [this article][1] about a instant messager leaving no trace, for this post. Maybe we should also think about Maidsafe being preinstalled on OSes. Unfortunately I have no friends @ Microsoft, Linux or Apple, (Heee why did I forget Google & Firefox, dammit even Amazon) if you do, tell them about this great new project. Oooh keee I will really start promoting Maidsafe once we’re up and running.

This is totally a sidenote “Heee I like the Maidsafe logo, this should be on a shirt and for sale”

[1]: http://blackbag.gawker.com/new-instant-messenger-plans-to-leave-no-metadata-worth-1600917550/all

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Preinstalled on Linux OS is actually an interesting possibility. I think you could get it installed on something like Ubuntu alongside Bitcoin. If not on Ubuntu then a custom distro like Mint.

Why not set up an easy to install maidsafe repository? sudo apt-get install maidsafe would be a lot easier to deal with than complicated compliation instructions.

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I’m not really super with that, but if you could make it, it would help.