Time to start spamming social network about Maidsafe

We can use advertising software against social media platforms like Facebook. As community we need to spread the message of maidsafe and you know you work is done when we start seeing maidsafe adds appear.


I dont think spamming is the best way to describe what you want to do but yes, I get the idea.

I’ve already been doing this and spreading the word.

Pretty much whenever I read anything or see anything related to privacy (and there is a lot of it) I just get in on the conversation and then casually mention www.maidsafe.net

We will see some good gains once people start offering up bounty’s.


Correct, spamming is not the word…
Lets get out on FB and Twitter and push links to the video, both on
Maidsafe.net and YouTube

We should decide on a few hashtags and stick to them.

#MaidSafe” for starters.
I like “#TechFaeTroon” but accept that its not that effective outside Scotland so lets hear some better suggestions.


Every time I see someone posting about < NSA > wikileaks, alex jones, freedom of speech and so on the list goes on forever. I say why not go have a look at maidsafe network and post the introduction video or direct to the website. Myself I see 20 post a day in this nature and if a hundred community members of maidsafe also shared then imagine how the maidsafe community would grow.


the problem with bringing out the word too early is that we don’t even know yet, when the safenetwork will go into beta. we don’t want SAFE to look like vaporware.

the higher the expectations are, the higher the risk that the network will fall short of them (at least in the first beta), and the more disappointed users are out there, the higher the risk of failure becomes.


Maidsafe is the company behind the SAFE Network. Should it be #SAFENETWORK or something along those lines?


Let the #hashtag debate begin…
What matters is we agree on a couple of hashtags and use them consistently throughout the community.

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A reasonable point, however with the latest post on the updated Roadmap, accusations of “vapourware” are going to be difficult to stick.

I’m for pushing the video and the general concept at this point. Later, as the sprints are completed and more milestones are reached on the Roadmap, then we can concentrate on further raising conciousness so we can get plenty testers for the first betas.

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Shtop, shtop… This software is not ready yet!

Build it… They will come.


I disagree, maidsafe has already gone on RT and visited bitcoin conferences and have many youtube video’s, it is silly to say to keep a project like this a secret. I would go as far to say it is a little bit selfish. I want people to be ready to be uploading there content on the day of launch day, I love to see maidsafe to take off like rocket.

Nothing is stopping people from going over to some place like fiverr.com and buying some marketing with spare cash. I have already done this for their short video explainer a while back and will probably do something similar again soon.


I totally agree! I heard about it and started drooling about a year ago… Don’t advertise something that doesn’t exist yet.

I got a bit tired of waiting - i am installing Qubes LInux so that my private data is not even connected to the internet. I am sure Maid-Safe will launch once I have gone through the trouble of wiping my box and installing Qubes. :confused:

Ads to undermine the whole ad world. Its poison mooching for Face Book. Like SAFE on FaceBook. Lock out FaceBook on FaceBook.

I just spend $0.50 to advertise Maidsafecoin

Check it out here:



@19eddyjohn75 that’s novel; that’s great !! :smiley:

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I got moaned at for posting it in the Poloniex troll box :disappointed:

Yeah that troll box is heavily moderated, quite annoying sometimes. :frowning:


Indeed… Maidsafecoin will be worth $0 at some point, but unfortunately you wont be able to use it for anything. Got Safecoin? :wink: