What are your projects, how far are you into building them?

With the current wave of negativity I figured why not lighten the mood and see where all you wonderful folks are at paving the way to a new and free digital world.

So here goes, list your projects and how far into them you are. Are you all ready if the network becomes functional within the next month?

Share your dreams and vision for the future!

(make some noise, has been way too quiet in here lately! :joy:)


Too many.



Still slowly plugging away on JAMS. Wanting to start focusing on the longer and more complicated road to JAMStand.

No shortage of ideas and once there are more details on how to participate in BGF then I might start taking up other projects.

Really want to see a mutli-sig escrow service and a decentralized arbitration desk would be a challenge worth tackling IMO.

Hoping someone goes after e-commerce but if not there are good looking ready made ones that would just need plugging into the API.

Edit: I’ll share my dreams of the future after a good nights rest.


Thanks for sharing mate, I can’t wait to see what the future has on stores for Jams!!


While I appreciate the motive of lightening the mood on the forum … giving away our project ideas isn’t a good way forward … the fact that many won’t give them away is however testimony in and of itself that we are very hopeful for the network.

As for how far and when, i suspect that most are waiting for beta as bootstrapping with Maid means we need price to moon a fair bit + API changes aren’t helpful for development … so the waiting game is still in full swing.

1.) 3-6 months for full Fleming
2.) 3 months for Maxwell (beta?)
3.) 6-12 months to get network advertised and launched
4.) price appreciation in SaNT’s == starting development of new network projects.

So, my speculation is that we need 1-2 years before many projects are going to get really underway.


Just need MAID to moon early and being a full time safe dev becomes a day job.


I agree this isn’t necessarily a good way to get an accurate picture or to foster positivity, but evenso I’ll contribute:

  • vdash is a tool for monitoring your node(s)’ activity, performance, earnings etc based on the node logfile(s) in a terminal (so it’s a character based GUI). It already works with the existing testnets but will need updating as the logfile formats change up until launch. It will also need enhancing to include extra metrics such as SNT earnings which are not yet available in the logfile.

None of the work to keep vdash useful or add features is difficult or time consuming for someone reasonably familiar with or interested to learn Rust, but I’m not able to commit to do that. I’ll do bits when I can but would be happy for others to contribute PRs or if somebody wants to fork and take over.

In fact maintaining vdash would be a good way to learn Rust if anyone is interested (and I’ll be happy to help if you get stuck). Note that you could also earn crypto by doing this because I believe enhancements would currently qualify for funding by the Bamboo Garden Fund.

More about vdash on this topic:


It can be hard to build on shifting sands but there a lot of potential for plugging in existing projects at speed, once the diff is clear.

It’s also increasingly simple to realise an idea.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised this past week how well Rust has evolved … the feedback on errors is extraordinary and what is available now as resources and basic elements, is well advanced from my last pass.

There was a post last week wondering about what was possible for a GUI for the CLI, and instead of internalising all the nay saying about how hard everything is, I did a search for “Rust GUI” that had me fall into this video channel

which is very much monkey see : monkey do… copy paste and it works examples.

More of the reference for that at

and has me a way towards something that should work for those who push buttons - on Linux - though I’ve yet to get my head around the idea of cross platforming!

Perhaps the most important tools will be those that enable others to transition from what exists already on the unsafe internet… its going to be fun to see what appears from where :smiley:


Can’t wait to see what comes out as soon as its possible to get something up and running. Going to be the wild west once again :). A new frontier waiting to be discovered!


I’m still working on a fully decentralised search engine, but have had a lot of other things eating into my time.

However, the lack of network hasn’t really slowed me at all, because the nature of it is that a lot of the work is designing it in such a way that anyone can deploy their own (search engine,) in order to link to others, so an easily customisable front end is key.

In the absence of the network I’m just using Javascript objects as key:value stores, instead of (multi)maps, so it can easily be reverse engineered again when the JS API arrives.

That being said, it won’t be ready any time soon.

Useful parts of it should be not too far away though. I’ll try and publish as I finish them, but for some reason I’m still in the version control mindset of an audio engineer, rather than github world!

If you’re wanting positive vibes, working on this project has made me think that the Safe workflow, if used in the way I think it can and should be, will be revolutionary in itself. The more you get into it, the more servers just seem like the most annoying thing in the world!


One thing I was just thinking of is, if anyone remembers I had a 8-bit game where Jammy navigated a zomberry ridden post apocalyptic landscape and the game was linked inside the logo of the first JAMS Demo.

I eventually added a coin you could collect through the game but I would like to make those actual SN Tokens someday.

What kind of model do you guys think could allow people to play for small amounts of SN Token?

I was thinking you pay whatever amount you want up front for the game and you can collect all of it back coin by coin through the game and the game could still be a profit to the creator by collecting PtD. Thoughts?


I’d like to spend more time on my web proxy (GitHub - traktion/sn_httpd: Safe Network httpd gateway server) and blog app (GitHub - traktion/i-am-immutable-client: Angular based client application for i-am-immutable blog).

They both work, but are basic at the moment. It would be great to run them on a stable network though.