SAFE Network versus (vs) Everything (v.2)

The SAFE Network is a vast project that will need to be compared to all Block-X technologies as well as all existing internet cloud computing frameworks if one is to understand it’s true powers. Perhaps this can help those who are lost in a sea of confusion and misinformation of intellectual and economic inertia that is the crypto space.

Below is a Dynalist link to the actual comparison page. It can be continuously updated while not using up the 30 edits limit of this forum, a problem I ran into with version 1.

SAFE Network versus (vs) Everything


Still reading but this a great comparison list! Probably most complete to date. I’ll be sharing :slight_smile:


That’s excellent work @Bargo_d - cuts through all the jargon to get at the fundamentals :clap: :clap:


I agree, an excellent resource already and a link I’ll be sharing. Thanks!

A couple of minor corrections… Maidsafe:

  • are a private company not a corporation (and are controlled/majority owned by a Scottish Charity)
  • so Maidsafe Ltd. (not Inc.) controlled by the Maidsafe Foundation

You might like to add something about governance. Or not! It may be best to stick with the tech, but one of the stand out elements of SAFE for me is how it is rooted in values rather than putting money first, and the governance setup demonstrates this. See also the SAFE Network Fundamentals in this respect. Maybe a separate document could cover this aspect. Anyone fancy having a go?


  • savvy not savy (I checked this, so maybe you did mean savy :wink:)

Thank You, I’ve made the minor corrections and I will read up on governance as well.


Do social purpose corporations exist in the UK? Purism uses that in California.
I think talking about governance, the office in India, the collaboration with SOLID, etc. are all worth having a section in the list.


There are various options. I’m not that familiar with them, but I know that UK charities are strictly regulated which I think is a point in MaidSafe’s favour. Choosing that option makes it hard for anyone to subvert it, keeps it independent of Maidsafe the company and its shareholders, and makes it easier to trust that all will keep aligned with the values that initiated it whatever happens to the founders. Unlike ‘don’t be evil’ Google for example.


Governance is a feature!


Even though the autonomy part is mentioned, it should have its own category.


looking good!

just in case you didnt know, each bullet point in dynalist has a section for a note underneath it that you can add by pressing shift+enter (or by choosing the option from the hamburger menu at the left of each item)

the text in the note will be more faded and will also be a smaller font so it might be good for the items that you start with “NOTE” since they wouldnt be competing for space with the other bulletpoints in the list. that would just be my personal preference though


Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it and it’s not bad. You do loose the ability to move entry up/down on the outline but for NOTEs I think it works pretty good and does reduce visual clutter. Implemented change

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Very nice list! Althouth I don’t see the point of the markup. Plain text would work just as well, wouldn’t it? It would be easier to proofread too.

it’s → its

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Thanks for the corrections, changes made.

As far as Dynalist is concerned I had a similar skepticism, but after using it I realize what a godsend it is. You can seamlessly move items in an outline without screwing up any formatting with a simple ctrl + up/down. With a standard word process like google docs you’ll tab, indent, bullet point, copy/paste and it’s vastly inefficient by comparison. Frankly, this should be an operator switch when creating an outline in every word processor or message composer.

When Proof Reading stay out of zoom mode and you can see the document as a whole easily. Use the +/- toggles to expanding and collapse any child outlines. Hope this helps


To me SAFE holds out the potential for justice in the world and just by existing in its current state is a power to that effect. It provides hope.


This would be good as an infographic. Or as a Medium article. Or both.


I agree, an infographic would be great but I have to do enough research to confirm the other technologies theoretical limits. In the mean time, things are a bit like catching a moving train as I’m comparing everything at once and nothing remains static. Medium article or something like is inevitable if SN is truly as groundbreaking and expansive as it seems.




Safe Network vs Everything (v3 Draft). Better late then never, this one is simpler and for the even more lazy. Corrections/Suggestions welcome!

Edit 1: Once fully approved it sets the foundation for a HQ infographic.

Edit 2: Updated Table pic v3.0–>v3.1, Changed PARSEC to CRDTs/AT2/BLS, Thanks Sascha!


I really like tables like that!
One thing that jumps out and needs to be corrected though is the reference to PARSEC.

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Would you prefer “Proof of Resource”? I assumed PARSEC was that + ABFT