Use Cases for Distributed Computing

I know the Safe Network team would like to have distributed computing down the road.

It would be interesting to hear about different use cases any of you can think about. I will provide a few for starters.

  1. Mathematics - Electronic Frontier Foundation Award for largest prime number: $250,000. I think PrimeCoin is actually working on this.

  2. Engineering - Crunch large data sets, such as finite element modeling.

  3. Natural Sciences - Develop predictive models on various natural phenomenon, such as ocean currents, climate change, etc.

  4. Biotechnology - Crunch large data sets related to genetics.

  5. Economics - Explore algorithms with High Frequency Trading and stock exchange data.

  6. Computer Science - Test the effiency of new algorithms on large data sets.

I could see distributed computing as being a huge revenue booster and give a lot of value to Safecoin. Not to mention the public good of having such a powerful tool for research and development.


What about simply decentralised (i.e. anonymous) services? The computations don’t have to be advanced or heavy, merely removing the need for a centralized (traceable and hackable) server is already worth a lot.


If distributed computation is added I believe the value of the network will grow tenfold.

Hope the guys have this in their plans. :smile:

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Yes, it is a stated aim of MaidSafe to add support for computation, though what they mean by that I’m not sure.

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In the big picture, HDD space is cheap. However, computation is still pretty expensive. I have two sets of SAFEcoin - one to use to try out the network and store some of my data, general use. The other set is “investment” coin which wont be touched until compute is added to the network. While there are plenty of practical uses for the SAFE network when it first launches, I don’t think any of them compare to the ability to having access to one of the worlds largest super computers.


I would love to see someone with more xp than me making some rough calculation/guesses about the pontential fiat price for safecoins when computation is implemented

Yes, I can see a use case for IoT devices that are minimal linux devices that do not have much computing power available to do complex maths needed for their sensor work.

This would be a great way for those IoT devices to be kept below the 20$ or 10$ mark yet do computations that require a powerful machine to complete. Much cheaper for an array of 100 IoT devices. Imagine the cost if every IoT device was 500$ rather than 15$ and use 15$ of safecoin a year to compute.