Update 8 February, 2024

Yesterday we launched our latest testnet to analyse the effect of encryption on node memory performance. This builds on the previous QuicNet, which saw a move from TCP to QUIC, and drew a rapturous response: “Blazing fast” enthused @DavidMc0, “As fast as duck” observed @aatonnomicc, and “very QUIC” quipped @DeusNexus.

QUIC is evidently the future. Nevertheless, this being cutting-edge engineering, for every step forward the law says there has to be half a step back, in this case odd memory spikes that were spotted in some nodes, which is what we’re checking out now. Hold off those one-star reviews, please! (Indeed it seems like NoEncryptionNet has proved out the theory that it was indeed the node-side data encryption that was causing issues; so we’ll be exploring alternative paths there).

Elsewhere, we’ve been working on creating a rudimentary filesystem based on the new architecture, and we continue to make client-side data handling improvements.

We’re also focusing on DAG nodes that store the history of transactions on the network. What should they do and when should they be introduced?

Behind the scenes we’ve moved to node_manager for local development and deprecated the old sn_testnet crate.

In PR corner, many thanks :pray: to @mav for his PR introducing changes to the faucet. At startup the faucet now creates distributions of tokens using a snapshot of Maid addresses + balances + public keys.

And high-five :raised_hand: to @happybeing for his register upgrade to enable multiple users to chat in a simple app.

The community continues to step up in areas where we lack coverage or time to make changes. This is exactly how open source is meant to work. A massive thanks to all of you for your continued help and support. :muscle:

General progress

@bochaco made good progress on the folder download command for the CLI (yes, folders are back!), getting a working version in place. He’s also working on consolidating register payments into single transactions.

@roland has focused on improving testing in our internal continuous integration, to enhance automated testing and live testnet deployments. He also worked on optimising the register payment flows and associated test cases.

Also on testnet deployments, @chriso fixed an issue in the node_manager reported by community members, and he reduced the startup time for local networks.

Also in this general area, @bzee looked at node_manager running testnets with QUIC to study Identify and AutoNAT behaviours and see how we should approach those with QUIC. AutoNAT, while not a show-stopper, remains an area where we’d like to see more progress in libp2p.

@anselme continued to push ahead with DAGs for auditing transactions and preventing double-spend. This week, he implemented functionality to detect orphaned and inconsistent transactions in the DAG, for offline auditing purposes. He also worked on identifying invalid spends and submitted a PR #1259 to those ends.

@jason_paul created new test documentation and reviewed suggestions on the CLI codebase. He’s starting to dive into implementing new client features as well.

@joshuef explored options to avoid chunk encryption in-memory on nodes as a potential performance optimisation.

Picking up on community feedback and our own monitoring of the last testnet @qi_ma has been looking at how key stability and performance metrics including node memory usage, payment handling and upload errors are related.

Also, thanks to community input, the team had been considering data persistence probabilities and tradeoffs related to reduced chunk sizing.


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs
My first flag capture of the year

Actually Roland was first, but that’s inside trading :grin:

now read

:clap: :clap: :clap: can this be used on the current testnet? if so, how?

:clap: :clap: :clap: demo please @happybeing

Keep hacking super ants


Second!!! :)) :blush:
I’m on the box for the fifth time in a row, is there such a thing as a (multiple medallist) badge? :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Thanks to the MaidSafe team, the testers and the community for all the work and heart they put into development! :point_left: :clap: :clap: :clap: :blush:

I very much hope that the idea of encrypting the node with a temporary key secured by a password (stored outside the network) will not be overturned.
Many thanks @Neo for your strong protection for the node encryption and temporary key standard!

Will we learn something about this new file system architecture?


Bronze is still worth something I guess.


May the fourth be with me :grin:

Apologies for the lack of involvement recently. Was AFK in Europe for one testnet, got home and went down with a nasty non-COVID lurgi.
Im feeling approximately 17% human today (up from 6.3% last night) so I promise to get some cloud nodes running and get poking about. Excited to explore @happybeing work on registers and delighted to hear folders are back.
Thank you to all for the work that has gone into making this update possible .


Fifth, what a bummer! But I really like this update, it contains so many positive developments. The community is showing great support initiatives and feel that the testing of these ‘isolated’ parts with testnets helps to more easily identify areas of improvement, e.g. here node-side encryption.


Thanks for the update team. Lookin’ good.

Many ways for nodes to encrypt everything if they so desire, something will shake out soon.

DAG work for token auditing sounds great. I hope we can see that in action soon too.

Thanks to everyone on the team and in the community putting forth a super effort. It’s getting there fast!

Cheers :beers:


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And all of the community members assisting with the testnets! :horse_racing:



Here you go, it’s in the main README. Scroll up to the start to set up a network and then follow the Registers example here:


Is it possible to use this on the current testnet?

Great job! :clap:


I think it was me who said blazing fast. Not that I seek the glory (or do I?) :rofl: Anyway, great update.


You may be right, but I’ve edited one of my comments in the thread to add ‘blazing fast’ so that I don’t lose the glory of the mention :rofl:

I did say ‘rapid speed’, but your wording got the mention :smiley:

Fantastic update and progress all round. Another strong test net, and clear ways forward.

Great to hear folders are back, and that filesystem, test-SNT from MAID, and DAG for transaction auditing are on the way!


Should be, but remove the --local-discovery parameter from each command.


This is pretty cool.

Not that it’d serve any significant purpose, but would it be fairly easy to do the same with all Bitcoin address balances + public keys, which can be claimed as ‘sBTC’ on test networks by people who have the Bitcoin private keys?


Last !!!

thanks to all the team for all the hard work and to @happybeing being for inspiring the fowl based chat for the last week :slight_smile:



I had the :bird: with a friend last night and it was very nice - like chicken - and plenty more than I expected.


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