Update 07 March, 2024

This week has seen us working on the remaining tasks to be tidied up before beta and the next testnet. Plus there’s been lots going on with comms behind the scenes.

The next testnet will be to test the bad node detection functionality. We’ve been testing some approaches but it’s not quite there yet. We also want to test changes around pricing whereby the storage price should grow faster to incentivise node operators.

If you didn’t manage to catch our Twitter/X Spaces “The New Internet for the Age of AI” with Jim, Bux and the excellent Michael Casey live yesterday, click here to listen to the recording. A fascinating discussion!

Lots of activity here and on Discord which is great to see. Onwards! :racehorse:

General progress

@qi_ma has been the main man on bad node detection, one of the last building blocks we need in place. He raised a PR by which nodes periodically query close nodes about every node in their routing table to see if it is bad. If it is bad, within certain tolerances, it will be removed from the routing table, i.e. ignored.

@bochaco continues to work on the folder syncing feature, including pulling changes from the network and merging them with local changes. Users can now sync most changes between local storage and the network, although for some operations it’s still only one way. He plans to create automated tests before adding more features. Along with Qi he also worked on ways for nodes to exclude bad nodes from their routing tables.

@anselme worked on refactoring the spend put flow, verification and security, fixing issues and cleaning up the code. He improved parallelisation, stopped blindly trusting incoming data from other nodes (trust but verify), and generalised spend to the network activity so others can use it.

@chriso has also been busy with refactoring, in this case to manage services, in preparation for introducing the upgrade command. He now has start and stop operations for nodes, faucet and daemon working in a completely generic way. As well as that, he looked at some issues raised by the community regarding the node manager.

Not to be left out, @jason_paul has also been refactoring like crazy. Refactoring, for the uninitiated, means changing the code to better fit the current environment, rather than adjusting its functionality. It is essential for keeping various components working together properly as a project changes. Anyway, Jason has worked to align the scope of structs and implementations and remove unnecessary dependencies, as well as rejigging the upload code.

@bzee persevered with his WASM PoC, integrating behaviours across different transports like Quic, WebSockets and WebRTC. He hit some issues with WebRTC connections but made progress understanding node-to-node communication patterns, particularly with Quic. He is investigating the mechanisms behind how WebSockets is used in node-to-node communication.

@jimcollinson and @bux continue to dig deep into the product roadmap, ready for imminent release, as well as holding the fort in Discord.

And @joshuef has been mostly focused on network upgrades from the alpha branch, opening PR to update the main branch from alpha.

And on the community side, @mav made progress with the Omni disbursement processes. The code allowing the faucet to receive the signatures and verify disbursement is in, and on the client side, users can supply the signature of an address to the network. So it’s really all there bar the testing.

Anyone here looking for a roadmap? Keep your eyes peeled folks, incoming separate post later today. :eyes: :soon:

Useful Links

As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


First! Where is roadmap?


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

second read quic

Nice update keep up the good work

Keep hacking super ants


Third!!! Still playing the first game!!


The link leads to closed PR.


when I click on link to recorder audio it only show this


Try this:


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

This progress is really spectacular and is the result of years of effort by our entire community. The party is just starting. :horse_racing:

This meme was inspired by a comment by @Zoki a few hours ago on Discord. I hope you all find it punny.


Oh no, only the eighth!? :wink:

As always, a big thank you to the team for their hard work and great commitment! :point_left: :clap: :clap:


In the last update I wrote about David and his 18 year journey to bring SafeNet to where it is today, but I forgot to thank the Team (including the Moderators) who have faithfully stood by the leader over the years and never lost faith in the project. For that they deserve equal respect - hats off!



6pm GMT I guess.



Nice update team – all the ants clearly very hard at work. :heartpulse: Thank you!

Like everyone else, listening to the twitter spaces and waiting for the road map drop later :wink:

Cheers :beers:

P.S., -just got a mysterious email from a guy called John Titor … sent me this pic - supposedly from the future.



Good update as always! Now eagerly waiting for it to be 6 o’clock and to see what for greatness is coming :smile:


It’s 6 o’clock somewhere! :smiley:


That’s right. These moderators do a lot of unpaid work that requires judgement and diplomacy. Hats off!


I found a cool app called otio.ai. I fed it the update and it creates smart notes and you can query it for more details. Here is an example.

Project Updates and Progress

  • The team is finalizing tasks before the beta and next testnet, focusing on bad node detection functionality and pricing changes to incentivize node operators.
  • There’s significant activity and communication within the community, especially on Discord.

Development Highlights

  • Folder Syncing Feature: @bochaco is enhancing the folder syncing feature, including syncing changes between local storage and the network.
  • Refactoring Efforts: Multiple team members (@anselme, @chriso, @jason_paul) are refactoring code to improve efficiency, security, and manageability.
  • WASM PoC: @bzee is working on integrating behaviors across different transports (QUIC, WebSockets, WebRTC) and addressing issues with WebRTC connections.
  • Network Upgrades: @joshuef focuses on network upgrades from the alpha branch, preparing for updates to the main branch.

Community Engagement and Contributions

  • @mav is making progress with the omni disbursement processes, including code for faucet signature verification and client-side signature supply.
  • The community is actively engaging with the development team, expressing gratitude and anticipation for the roadmap.

Roadmap Anticipation

  • The team hints at an upcoming separate post detailing the roadmap, stirring excitement and curiosity among the community members.

Acknowledgments and Appreciation

  • The update includes a thank you to the Maidsafe team for their hard work and dedication, highlighting the years of effort by the entire community.
  • A special mention is made of David and his 18-year journey with Safenet, acknowledging the team and moderators for their unwavering support.

Thanks to all involved for an exciting update. Looks like we are really motoring now. Great to listen to the Twitter Spaces thing - excellent stuff,
And thanks also to the mods for all their hard work - nice one @profess


still speechless at how things have gone into top gear !!
think it will take me a few weeks to comprehend all that’s happening .

well done to all the team and welcome to all new comers looking forward to seeing you all at the next test net :slight_smile:


Maybe this article was already shared on the forum this week, but it just popped up in one of my feeds. I expect over the next few months we will get more and more articles on Safe posted around the Internet (I hope so anyway!) …


what means “ayr”? Is company name?