Update 23rd May, 2024

This last week we’ve been firing on all reward-program-cylinders, and hopefully will have something to show you all very soon. Feedback loops in place, leaderboards being assembled, and a whole world of fund being loaded into the Beta cannon.

To that end, @roland has been working on integrating the initial audit node into our testnet infrastructure. Alongside some fixes for the launchpad (MaxRepaymentsError :wave: :wave: ), he and @mazzi have worked on improvements to the launchpad (simplifying some of the resource allocation process).

@chris has been in about the launchpad and node manager, fixing some windows bugs, adding options and re-enabling the integration tests that were proving overly problematic in the last week.

@anselme has further optimised DAG audit code, both in the audit-node and the client code. He and @qi_ma have worked hard to bring the simplified reward-collection to life, which will form the backbone of the beta-rewards process.

@mazzi has also started work on a discord bot to facilitate returning stats to users in a private fashion, and to help with managing the various beta processes.

@joshuef has done some work on key handling in the code, along with @anselme and @qi_ma, getting us setup so that we have decent defaults for local development and testing, which we can easily override where we need keys to remain secret (hello foundation!) so we can start integrating that into our processes.

@benno has continued pushing the auto-NAT and UPnP detection processes, such that we can automate this and ensure that nodes are started with the optimum arguments.

@qi_ma finalised the encryption of discord users as part of reward forwarding. This should let us keep the reward quantities private, while still being able to provide some interesting and fun stats to everyone participating.

@shu has been testing out the load of the network dashboards, successfully bringing memory usage for 2k nodes from ~60gb down to 2.5gb with some optimisations and tweaks to metric collection and generation. That puts us in a great place to begin monitoring not just internal networks, but to also cope with metrics generated from community nodes in the upcoming beta phases.

Alongside this, @shu set up some NAT-blocked nodes to test out the --home-network flag and was able to reproduce many of the errors which folks have been seeing. This is good as it gives us something to test against, though it does seem to confirm what many suspected, which is that --home-network is not the silver bullet we were hoping it was yet. It may well be causing more harm than good so far. Now we can measure this, we’re hopeful to be able to make some progress there in the coming weeks.


It’s been a while but… first! :partying_face:

I’m wondering if we’re going to get more testnets before the rewards network starts. It would seem necessary as things are still not stable, but everyone is busy on a range of tasks so :man_shrugging:

I’m sure it’s in hand. All you busy ants building and fixing. :clap:

Meanwhile a minor update from me.

After a long, arduous stretch of work on my ‘ever so secret’ :male_detective: demo, under the strain of which my laptop gave up it’s ghost and I had to wait weeks for a new one… today I inflicted it on several willing, even enthusiastic Guinea Pigs. Thank you all.

After so much work it is an amazing feeling to just throw the thing at them and without a word on what to do with it, see them get it working and start posting screenshots and saying such nice things. :pray:

To be honest I’m amazed they got it working, and without my help, but I guess we have a special kind of Guinea Pig, or should I say Ant here. :laughing:

Anyway, thanks to them I’ll be able to release it on the rest of you next week - providing we have a useable testnet - which is looking questionable right now but let’s see.

Join The Happy Band

Anyway, if any of you missed it there’s an opportunity coming up to be part of the happy few, the band of Ants who will be remembered.

Don’t miss it, anyone can join but you have to join to be in this happy band, who will be remembered long, long after launch for being among the first to publish on Autonomi. Well that’s the plan!


Nice update team and many thanks to everyone who’s supporting, core team or not.

:heart_eyes: :ant:

Much excitement all around.

Cheers :beers:


Third at last, great update!

Looking forward to rewards.

This sounds amazing, glad to see fewer errors, and fewer shuns I hope.


Will we, could we please, have a date whenever you are all ready doesn’t need to be weeks in advance.



Sat listening to the avett brothers, posed on red wine.

I can still make sense of this update!



It’s great if you can get some progress here. But correct me if I’m wrong when assuming that you basically rely on LibP2P taking care of this stuff? As the AutoNAT from LibP2P just keeps on being “almost there”, as it has been for several months, have you considered maybe hiring some more workforce to contribute to the networking side of things? It seems to me that the networking relies too much on the people outside of this project.

I also need to ask why the upnp got implemented just a couple of weeks ago, considering it was included in LibP2P in last autumn? Now that I see how well it works for many people, I feel all the more :grimacing: for having to go through that manual port forwarding stuff for so long, when it was there to be had all this time.


Thanks so much to the entire Autonomi team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And also a big thanks to all of the testers and moderators! :horse_racing:


Instability may well come and go over beta tests too. We will be testing things here.

The current instability seems to be related to the home-nodes, is our working theory at least. So we’re trying to fix that or debating what better defaults to use, or if this needs dialled back to get stability.

Either way, there’ll be some more testing before beta for sure :+1:

Autonat 2 that is. Which should be an improvement.

There’s some parts of the initial that we are trying to leverage and get working correctly. We’ve come across some wild panics coming out of libp2p, and are currently testing out some fixes and seeing how that impacts home-network.

So, hopefully we’re not trapped waiting for autonat 2.

Although I expect as soon as we get our current iteration fixed, it’ll come along like so many buses :stuck_out_tongue:


Just want to remind that starlink has to use home-network as it doesn’t have port forwarding or uPnP


Aye, understood! We’re hopeful we can get a fix in (or have already) :crossed_fingers:


In don’t understand. If the Autonomi launches without the libp2p hole punch, then it launches with its own hole punch? In other words, can noobs like me participate with Autonomi when it launche? Or are we waiting for libp2p to fix their shit?


There are other options like upnp that can and do help, so simplifying access is not all on the home-network flag + hole punching.

We’re aiming to make it as easy as we possibly can.


Yeah, that’s my bet as well… Maybe the best trick is to light a cigarette?


Amazing, you guys! This is a solid update and looking forward to what comes out of the improved monitoring and metrics. I’m a huge believer in “You can’t know it unless you measure it”.

Keep up the great work team!


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Super that this beta testing will be gamified
Really like it how some of my test nodes get double digit nanos

@ some point it would be nice for starter noderunners to have a AWS node image.

Or a option to install a node remotely for someone with reward sharing…

Keep hacking/testing super ants