Update 18th April, 2024

Despite our best efforts, the faucet has gone to meet its maker. Therefore, sooner rather than later we’ll be bringing BasicEconomyTweaks Net down, because it’s hard to test a network with no funds.

The update last week worked, more or less, but we had some problems with nodes joining and then sitting around with their wheels spinning doing nothing.

That fixed, we found an issue with nodes looping over storage, likely because nodes ended up responsible for more than they should do, filling up then making space then filling up and so on. We’ve put in a fix for this now to ensure stored data is closer than data being pruned when the node reaches that stage. Plus there’s another optimisation to stop replicating when looping starts and ensure the node only gets data closer than the furthest address. In this way we hope to regain a steady state. So far community testing on this front has shown a few graphs which all seem indicative of positive change here! :muscle:

Speaking of which, we realise our naming convention has been confusing – partly cos it’s confused the hell out of us. We really want one stable network alongside one unstable one, plus the possibility for additional networks for testing out particular features. We’ll be using stable and staging depending on our confidence, and those will have releases and prereleases which we will label alpha or beta. More about that on this thread.

Thanks as always to all testers. You’re the best! :heart:

Special shout out to @wes this week for his valuable feedback on node behaviour, and to @traktion for his PR on self-encryption. :pray:

General progress

@anselme investigated how to get Genesis out of the faucet and implemented a first step with a faucet donation endpoint that allows users to send money to the faucet. He also provided a PR including multiple improvements in DAGs (stores for auditing transactions), such as adding double-spend fork detection to DAG verification and fixing issues with DAG edges. Plus, he wrapped up the double-spend branching detection test and gave a presentation on how it all fits together to the team.

@bzee worked on hole punching with @roland and tested out UPnP, which allows home nodes to automatically open ports. UPnP works fine with some setups but not others; it’s still a bit unreliable. However, they did manage to achieve limited hole punching runs on a local testnet, connecting up with nodes running from home, though clients are as yet not part of the party (and this is a requirement for proper functioning of the network for hole-punched nodes).

@jason_paul continues tidying up processes and documentation, as well as working with @chriso on a RPC call for restarting nodes. Meanwhile, @chriso added several other commands in response to community feedback, has been deep in GitHub Actions processes for creating testnets, and made some logging improvements.

Also responding to issues unearthed by community testers, @joshuef created a test to reproduce the looping issue in the testnets. He opened a PR intended to ensure that pruned data is further away (XOR-wise) than stored data (see above). And he and the team put their heads together, aiming for a more sensible alternative to the confusing beta, alpha nomenclature (ditto).

Finally, @qi_ma has been the main man looking into the looping issue and how to handle the flow when nodes get full. He’s been sifting through testnet logs, looking for the cause of crashes and failed replication, and implemented several tests designed to catch these issues during continuous integration.


Thx Maidsafe devs 4 the update

Huh how come I’m the first to respond?

Now read!

Sorry that I say this, but under no circumstances should the Network be brought down.

If there is 30K nanos still in somebody’s wallet, the client should just indicate how much they can/willing to pay for a upload to the noderunner. Money should always keep moving, data upload should adjust to money supply…

Keep hacking and testing super ants


Wow unexpectedly first :slight_smile:


To good to be true :slight_smile:


That makes me what? Third. Yeehaa!


that make me fourst then :slight_smile:

well done to all the team and lets get a new test net on the go this no faucet is no fun !!


Thanks so much to the entire Autonomi team for all of your hard work! :man_factory_worker: :man_factory_worker: :man_factory_worker:

And also to all of the testers and moderators! :man_factory_worker: :man_factory_worker: :man_factory_worker:



Thanks for the update, thanks to all who have made it possible.
I’m shutting down my nodes now, ready to get tore into the next iteration whether stable or staging, maybe both :slight_smile:


The team has been rocking it! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to what is to come.


Even with nanos, I’ve had all my uploads stall recently. It’s hard to test much at all on it.


This testnet is pining for the fjords - I think we have learned all we can from it.
Not every testnet can be a roaring success, nor should we expect them to be.
Time to put it out of its misery, review lessons learnt and start a new one.

Next time, is there any chance of two or more faucets? I have zero clue if that would have prevented the problems but maybe worth a try? It would have been a totally different story if we could get coins to do uploads with.


Think lack of faucet wasn’t a problem I still had 27 coins I couldn’t transfer or use.

I was really hoping to get uploads and transfers back online then we would have had a real little economy going.


You just wanted to be the lord of the manor with that stash!! :wink:


Lord of the Piles, mair like…


they were all scalped fair and square by my super node that was robbing every one I barley even tickled the faucet lol


Capitalist piglet!!!


spoken like a true socialist hero envying what others worked for :upside_down_face: