Update 07 April, 2022

Short update this week, but certainly no let-up in progress, plus a new team member to welcome…

General progress

First off, we’re really happy to welcome Roland Sherwin as the newest member of the MaidSafe team. Roland started this week and he’s already getting stuck into the code with loads of positive energy. We’ll let him introduce himself below.

@Anselme is putting the finishing touches to handovers, which is about making sure that newly promoted elders have all the right information, keys and so forth. This has been “almost there” :tm: for some time but has been waiting on membership, which covers new nodes joining the section, managing capacity, ejecting misbehaving nodes or reducing their node age and promoting adults to elders - which has taken longer than we’d hoped. However we’re definitely seeing a light at the end of that particular tunnel now too.

Meanwhile @bochaco has been looking at our wallet code with a view to getting it integrated into the safe network API so that it works with the new multimap data types and DBCs. He’s put together some simple CLI commands to allow users to manage their wallets. He and @dirvine have also been investigating WASM and HTTP/3 to check their potential for simplifications down the line.

@yogesh has put together a testing strategy for the next stages of development. Internal stuff for now but it should really help with some of the testing anomalies we’ve been experiencing.

@qi_ma has found and fixed a bug which may have been holding up membership changes. Adults were not necessarily updating to the latest SAP properly which could have caused a variety of issues as sections grow.

And finally we’d like to recognise and appreciate @danda’s work and dedication to DBC’s, and in particular, the fungibility component that he felt very strongly about. Dan and MaidSafe have now parted company. He has a different set of priorities right now and will follow those. But we wish him all the best with whatever he turns his talents to next.

Over to you Roland

Good day everyone! I’m @roland and I’ve joined MaidSafe as a junior developer. I graduated as an Electrical Engineer but later I realised that programming was my area of interest. So I took this route and had been in love with it ever since. I worked as a React dev before joining here.

The first time I heard about bitcoin was in 2017 and it has drastically changed how I view the world. Since then, I have been completely hooked into the concept of decentralisation and how it can change the world for the better. And it is surreal working on Safe Network with like-minded folks who share the same values as mine.

Useful Links

Feel free to reply below with links to translations of this dev update and moderators will add them here:

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As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :racehorse:

With each passing month it becomes easier to see why decentralized internet is critical to our future progress and well being. :racehorse:

And welcome to the team @roland! :racehorse:



Hello @Roland and a sad goodbye to @danda, Heres hoping he will be back at some level of involvement in the future. I’m impatient to try out the new commands @bochaco has for the wallet. Again looking for potential simplifications down the line is excellent. @Anselme’s work will be interesting to see in action. I won’t hold my breath for it being in this weekends Comnet but it will be good to get this sorted when it happens.

Can anyone tell me what SAP stands for and why it is important?


Thank you for your insigths into especially the issues around fungibility, @danda. I will miss you.

Welcome, @roland!


Section Authority Packet Provider (thanks, @Nigel ) .

It is a set of Elders signed by the current section chain elders. So you can traverse the section chain from genesis and confirm the nodes you are speaking to are valid Safe Elders in a valid Safe section. When speaking to Elders with a section key they may say you are out of date, give you part of the section chain form your key to the new key plus the new SAP (set of Elders to connect to)


@danda so sad to see you part but hope you still visit. What you’ve done for DBC’s and SN are deeply appreciated and priceless to many of us here. Thank you.

Welcome to the new member and speaking of membership, I hope to see it fully integrated into SN soon and for stable networks to be in our near future. I want that SN tattoo before the end of the year. 2 weeks of a live network and I’ll ink myself!


For some reason I though it was Section Authority Provider?


Thanks for your time @danda and good luck! I’ll miss seeing all the emails in my inbox from Github with your name on them!

Welcome aboard @roland! Thanks for join the @maidsafe team!


@danda Good bye :wave: thanks for your contributions. And I hope god bless your new mission :slight_smile:.


Thank you Safe Network Glossary and Acronyms is updated.

Mods - can we make this a sticky?


Is that a promise? :wink:

I haven’t gotten a single tattoo in my half-a-century-long life. I’m conservative, and two weeks wouldn’t be enough for me. But if Maidsafe pull this off, and the network stays up for two years, even I may consider some ink. Maybe a Maidsafe “teardrop” under my eye? Or a Maidsafe “spider” on my neck? What do you reckon? :wink:

EDIT: Come to think of it, MAID SAFE would fit on my knuckles. :sweat_smile:



And you were right :smiley: my bad


with eight wee spiders above the letters on the knuckles themselves

As my body is a temple and perfect in every way, I wont be getting any tattoos myself though.


Thanks @danda for contributing so much. I enjoyed working with you briefly too. Good luck and I hope we’ll see you around still.

Welcome @roland, there’s a lot to be said for coming to programming after doing a different course :wink:. I hope you enjoy your work with the team and hope to see you here on forum.

Thanks everyone as always. Things keep slotting into place.


Nice work Maid team as usual. Didn’t seem like a “short” update at all.

Surprised to hear about @danda leaving :cry: I’ve appreciated his posts and work on fungibility.

Many things seem to be coming together. Not long now (relatively speaking) I think! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the well wishes everyone. It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed participating in these discussions. I plan to inject my $.02 now and again and perhaps the occasional github pull request.


You’ve been a pillar here. Whatever you are doing next, you’re going to crush it. Here’s hoping that we see you around in the community… your $0.02 are probably worth close to a buck (not an inflation joke), and, just maybe, you might grace us with the odd pull request :slight_smile:


We’ll miss you @danda! And @roland, you’re very much welcome.

I took some time to review the links on https://webassembly.org/ and HTTP/3 Deep Dive | Ably Realtime. For whose not familiar, it’s very worthwhile.

Thanks for a great update, team!


I haven’t either. Blank canvas at 36. But two weeks of surviving hammering I figure that is a large enough step towards full stability that I’d feel comfortable celebrating.