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Dear Safenetwork Community!
I’m new to all of this and I feel a bit lost in all this “programminglanguage” since I am not into programming but I stumbled over your project on the Canonical Blog (LINUX UBUNTU ONE) in the middle of last years discussion of april the 2nd 2014 (Shutting down Ubuntu One file services | Canonical), when Linux took Ubuntu One the Linuxcloudservice Offline. There was a lot of dramatic chatting there on the blog with interesting information about cloudcomputing that really catched my attention and then you came in with this post from a Canonicalblog Forummember called Mark:

“Anyone interested in porting the Ubuntu One code onto a new free, open source decentralized cloud network?
The spec is amazing, including client side encryption, fully
anonymous, no single point of failure, no way for the network to be
censored or shut down etc.
If interested check out MaidSafe.net for overview, and if you want to
talk code join us on maidsafe-developers Google Group. It’s launching
soon and it would be fantastic to have a Ubuntu One government as one of
the first apps!”

Thanks so far for whoever this Mark is for his post, because it triggered my discovery of your fascinating Safenetwork-project. But my question is the following now:

  1. Was there any of these movements Mark talked about and if this Ubuntu-Code was to move to Safenet, could this be compared to a relaunch of the Linuxcloud and could datastorage be possible again for the Linux-Ubuntu-Community?

Best regards and thanks for your comments!

Jonathan from Germany!

That Mark must be @happybeing :slight_smile:


That’ll be me :slight_smile: [waves]

I don’t think there has been work on this, but there might have been sone discussion. It’s certainly feasible. However, it’s not necessary for Ubuntu to be involved - by running your own MaidSafe client you’ll get this kind of functionality anyway.

It just would have been great to partner with Ubuntu because of how many people they would be able to help get started.


Wow! Thanks so much for your reply! It’s all very exciting!
So again I’m new to all that. How can I run my own MaidSafe client?

I bet it would be pretty straight forward though to have someone put some sort of UI together that can be added to the Ubunutu Software Center that would allow users to set up automatic access/settings for storage via the SAFE network (auto photo archiving, media, etc)…


I should have added, “when it’s ready”! There will be a mobile client, though I’m not sure when. There’s a stated intention to support iPhone and Android early on, but full mobile functionality won’t be there right away I suspect.

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All right! THX so much!

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Can the malware be removed, heard Cannonical scans people’s drives and then sells the index to marketers. I think I heard this in the context of free vs open.