Safenetwork Github Community

Just wanted to say that it’s up and running and if anyone would like to join, please send me a message.

Our goal is to create scripts and dapps we feel are necessary and is outside of Maidsafe’s scope.


Wouldn’t it be more decentralised to have this as a central place from which to find those scripts and resources, rather than place them under a single repository? Or is that what you have in mind, something like ‘awesome-safe-network’.

I think having an awesome list with links is good because the resources themselves can be decentralised, living on GitHub, gitlab, personal websites and blogs, and on Safe Network itself.

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What I have in mind is a cool kids club. :sunglasses:
We already have a secret a handshake. 1. :vulcan_salute::wave: 2. :fist_right::boom::fist_left: 3.:handshake:

Half-kidding aside, I wanted a place I could throw my safe network projects on, so they don’t fall into my personal projects which do not necessarily have to be safe network projects and also it would make them easier to find for others and make it look like there’s a whole team standing behind it.

I also like my safe network projects to be put in into a collection of other projects that have gotten a seal of trust, or not if I’m in a hurry wanting to show what I’ve made, mimicking Linux repository structure such as that of Arch Linux, which has a core, extra, community, multilib and user repository.

But yes, it shouldn’t necessarily be github. But why are we all on github and not gitlab/zeronet?
Why is Maidsafe on github?
In any case, you are working on gitportal, so I expect to move over there.


I’m not totally clear but keen to see how it works out, so good luck. I appreciate your work.

Wrt GitHub, we are using that because it’s the best way to do what we’re doing at this time: delivery, exposure and collaborative development. Gitlab etc can’t risk this and don’t deliver fully anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to use them IMO.

FYI I’m no longer working on safe Safe Git / git portal as mentioned on the topic. I don’t have enough time for development any more though I’d help anyone else wanting to work on it where I can.


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