Qt IDE: importing MaidSafe code

Hi! I’m looking for a (good) IDE to load all the MaidSafe code. I tried Qt creator, but it’s always a bit messy. Is there an elegant way to import the (full) code into (Qt) IDE so that the computer can help me with definitions etc?

Some of the guys in the office use Qt creator and it seems to be OK. I will ask them to post something. I use vim and some addons myself which I find faster. I also use awesomewm which makes things faster, its a bit of getting used to but I have a repo with my vimrc and settings here GitHub - dirvine/dotfiles: my dotfiles, probably no use to anyone else

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Hi @benjaminbollen I spoke with Prakash, all they guys do is

open qtcreator and select open project and select CmakeList.txt
Select or create a build path outside the project (preferred)

That should be you. If you use this then the guys can probably help out when they get out of today’s code race :slight_smile:

Ill give it a try later. thx!

“or” as the blessed people would do…

one could get “visual studio” one IDE to rule them all :slight_smile:

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