Tokens on the safenetwork

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Cause of time shortage i couldnt follow all post lately and i have a question someone might be able to answer. I heared there have been more development on the token part of the safe network, but what i wonder is for these tokens will you need safecoin ? Like for ethereum erc20 tokens you still need to pay for the
mining fee. But i guess the tokens will be basicly data so will it be enough to only pay for this data what should be really low i guess ? /

Would be awesome if someone can answer this for me, trying to find it in search but couldnt find it.

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This ^^^

Tokens would be data objects. Usually MDs but could be immutable chunks, And thus normal payment would be made to create them or change those MDs

Some might though create a complex/innovative way to create them and this might involve creating/changing MDs to end up creating their token. So obviously there is extra costs for those tokens because of the extra writes involved.

There is no core code for tokens though and as such no special pricing for tokens.


Yea this was indeed what i expected, i love maidsafe but the complete set of possibility’s.
Specially IOT devices, but i just wondered how much the maidsafe token itself will be benefiting from something running on the network.

The md will be really small though and there for not really a huge effect i guess for the network, unless billions are running on the network daily

It would suck if a lot new tokens will be made and eventually maidsafe token itself will lose value cause its not as much needed for this as expected

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Because of the benefits for having tokens on the network, I am confident that there will be quite a number of them.

As to SAFEcoin, I am sure it will still maintain reasonable value even with all the other tokens since each has their purpose and SAFEcoin’s is to buy resources on the network. Everything else SAFEcoin will have to compete with the others. One advantage of SAFEcoin will be the network is specifically securing it and up to now has been said it will be without fees (no PUT charges). As to whether it remains so, well there is a good case for it to remain so, but there are potential issues calling for it to also require some minor charge (eg a PUT charge). There will be a receipt charge always. A receipt is optional and is where a copy of the coin is made as a receipt at the time of the transfer.

Tokens will have the fees whenever there is an operation on them requiring a PUT (eg owner change, value change etc)


I think it is exactly the opposite. The ease with which anyone can create a token in Safe is one of the properties that can help make Safe mainstream. And if we add the security and speed of the network, we have an ideal system to manage all kinds of value. Dozens of ideas that want to be implemented in other systems, especially in ER20, could work in Safe faster and at a lower cost.
The price of safecoin would rise according to the overall use of the network and the total value contained in the network.