Important questions on Maidsafe

  1. what is the motivation for people to dedicate their computer resources? (like in bitcoin it is mining) -I understand they can then host data by sharing some of their resources, but surely there must be some kind of currency (if you have a much faster computer or faster internet and are dedicating more, OR if you just want to dedicate as much of your computer resources as possible, you should be allowed to- but you should also be compensated based on your contribution. Do they get safecoins from doing this? (like bitcoin mining?) (and if so, who do they come from?)

  2. and also, what are the coins used for? can you use the coins to purchase resources to host your site? (as surely if you are using a lot of other peoples computer and internet resources to host your site (ie: a bigger site(more data) or more bandwidth), you should probably pay more for it as you are using more.
    Does maidsafe acknowledge this? What is their system?

Explained in this post by the inventor of SAFE:

Safecoin, why it’s safe and what it means for us all


Ok thanks, then the other important question is, when does it launch? or when does a beta of it launch?