This fellow needs some Safe Network Love. {twitter}

I already linked him to the primer, can other people share some other links with him?


Oooh - he’s the creator of dogecoin =D to be honest I would assume he already knows about safe then :innocent: since he must be in crypto for quite a while now too :hugs:

(of course nothing wrong with spreading the word :slight_smile: since he does have one or two follower)


I like his response to his own tweet:


Yeah, I think it would be some good exposure.
There was another guy that mentioned an article, about MaidSafe, that his is writing.

Well, it might have been a Joke to him, but we can show him that there already is a project like this in the works and in Alpha.

Agreed. I was going to link him to - The New Internet Shouldn't Be Blockchain-Based - YouTube but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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