The Values Behind SAFE

In one sense there are no SAFE values. In another sense the core team members designing SAFE do have some values that come through in these forums and that align nicely with the project and the intent behind it.

Some points in particular come through for me on these values as they appear in the forum and the nature of the project:

  1. They don’t expect their end users to necessarily share their values.

  2. They don’t believe in unfettered money.

  3. They don’t want to get rid of or shrink the safety net, probably the contrary.

  4. Its fine to replace the state as long as its with something better than the better states.

  5. They don’t support tax evasion.

  6. The point of SAFE is ultimately a more stable, just and equitable world where privacy is respected and
    everyone has access to needed resources.

  7. They value humility and have a live and let live approach to life.

  8. These values are unlikely to change.

  9. They will take help from every quarter but when pushed, some of these values show through ’
    or get asserted.

  10. Although they value pragmatism they don’t compromise on the project,The project reflects their